Since purchasing my first Google Android smart phone a few weeks ago, I have been searching the Internet looking for the best possible Android applications. During the past couple of weeks I have also downloaded, tested, and uninstalled a few dozen applications in an attempt to find the very best of the best. What I have found are the five applications that I personally consider some of the best that you can use on your Android device — in particular, an Android-powered smart phone.

  • Dolphin HD Browser: The standard browser that comes with Android is fairly anemic and featureless in many respects. If you are looking to enhance your browsing experience on an Android powered device, I would recommend giving the browser Dolphin HD a try. This experience is very noticable on a smart phone when you see the full display of pictures and logos presented on a Web page.
  • Google Gmail: If you are an avid Google Gmail user, this one application makes using Gmail a treat. The application pushes your Gmail to you for your review or to reply in a simple-to-view format. In addition, the application will support multiple Gmail accounts, which is a very handy feature.
  • Gas Buddy: This application is very handy for those who travel away from home. I used it yesterday afternoon in Atlanta, Texas, a small town in the north east part of Texas. I fired up Gas Buddy and was able to find the least expensive gas available in that particular township. I saved about seven cents a gallon by using Gas Buddy in an unfamiliar location.
  • 3D Bowling: Bored? Let 3D Bowling liven up your day and help you to pass some time. This application offers graphics that are fantastically real and fun to view. You can control where you throw the ball and, with some practice, you can even throw a hook ball. The game also supports multiplayer mode and works very well on your smart phone.
  • Vlingo Virtual Assistant: The more I use this application, the more I like it. Vlingo handles all of my texting needs with ease. Last evening I had my son-in-law download and try Vlingo on his Android phone and he immediately fell in love with it. It is easy to use and, if you follow a few simple instructions, the application works great. You need to speak clearly and pronounce your words carefully. Take your time and Vlingo will not disappoint you.

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