Did you know that thieves are actually stealing ATM cards from the very machines we use to get money from the bank? KnowBe4, a leader in security and fraud prevention through education, has advised everyone to take some additional steps to avoid becoming a victim of this form of theft.

By placing a small device in the slot used by ATMs to avoid skimming (another method of theft), these crafty thieves can actually make away with your card.

They grab your PIN by either looking over your shoulder or placing an otherwise unnoticeable overlay on the buttons that captures your impression when entering your pin.

Once you’ve walked away from the ATM to call the bank and complain and/or have your card deactivated, it only takes seconds for the thief to retrieve your card and grab your cash.

First, only use ATMs at your bank and/or a trusted branch near you. ATMs sitting outside of a club or at the corner of a busy street are prime targets for would-be thieves who would take advantage of the lessened security at these locations.

When an ATM appears to keep your card, call your bank immediately and don’t leave the ATM. Have your card deactivated right there, and don’t leave until it’s done. ATMs do keep cards from time to time as a security measure, especially if a PIN was entered incorrectly on multiple occasions, but you shouldn’t assume anything before leaving the ATM.

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