I am a relative newbie to Redbox and have just started using the online rental reservation system. If you are not familiar with how Redbox handles its reservation services, you may find that you enjoy the ease with which you can rent movies or games.

The process itself is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up on the Redbox.com Web site.

The account process requires you to enter a valid email address plus a password when you join. It also requires you to provide a valid credit card number with a billing address that matches your credit card information that is currently on file with your credit card company. This Web site will then help you locate where your local Redbox machines are located and set these locations as your defaults when you order a movie. It is also optional to indicate which type of movies you prefer (e.g., drama, comedy, and so forth) as well as the type of gaming console you own.

Now for the bad news. Effective on October 31, 2011, Redbox will raise the amount it charges for daily DVD rentals from $1.00 a day to $1.20 a day — an increase of 20%. The good news is that Redbox will retain its rental fees for Blu-ray at $1.50 a day and game rentals at $2.00 a day, with no projected rate increases forecast by the company. In addition, all applicable sale taxes will still apply.

So will the price increase have any effect on how consumers will use the Redbox services? In my opinion, consumers are not going to complain about such a small increase in price. I do not believe that there will be any consumer backlash as was experienced by Netflix. Compared to the rental fees charged by cable and satellite companies, Redbox still remains a deal. In fact, I personally consider the fees that Redbox charges not only a deal, but a steal.

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