If you’ve upgraded your iDevice to iOS 5, you are probably using iCloud already. If you are using it to make backups of your phone on a regular basis, that 5 GB that’s included free is going to fill up mighty fast. Luckily, Apple has made it easy to increase the amount of storage that your iCloud account has if you are willing to pay a fairly reasonable fee. If you want to make extra backups or store a lot of files in your iCloud account, follow along to upgrade your storage.

Upgrading Your iCloud Storage

First, go to the Settings app on your iDevice. Inside the Settings app, scroll down until you see the settings button for iCloud and tap it. Inside this panel, there are switches for turning on and off all of the iCloud services. Scroll down a bit past the options and you should see a button that says Storage & Backup. Tap that button.

How to Buy More iCloud Storage

The next panel you see will give you a couple of options for increased iCloud storage. There are a few options here, so pick the one that you think best fits how much storage you need. You can upgrade from the default 5 GB to 25 GB of total storage for $40 per year, or you can go with the mega-plan and get 55 GB of total storage for $100 / year. How much storage you need depends on what you are using iCloud for, but I can safely say that not many people will need the 55 GB plan unless they plan on backing up their whole phone very frequently, and not deleting old backups. 25 GB should be more than enough for most users.

How to Buy More iCloud Storage

Keep in mind that music and video you download through the iTunes store, while technically part of your iCloud account, does not count towards your total storage amount, and neither does media that you access through iTunes Match if you are paying the $25 a year for that service.