The iPad has exploded in popularity over the past year as many professionals have adopted the tablet as a primary means of doing business. Not only is it exceptionally portable, making it easy to read and respond to important emails and other documents while commuting, but it’s less obtrusive in places like meetings in the office. Unfortunately, the iPad does not inherently make it easy to get work done, as many important functions are siloed between different apps. This is especially difficult when trying to access files and data stored in the cloud, such as via services like Dropbox and Evernote, and then share them with others.

Find Files on the iPad with FileboardA new app for the iPad called Fileboard, which was recently funded by Dave McClure as part of the 500Startups accelerator, wants to solve this problem for the millions of iPad users who use their tablet for business. Fileboard streams all the user’s Dropbox and Evernote files, as well as Gmail attachments. As the founder of Fileboard Khuram Hussain explained, the app is designed to “create a single window of knowledge as all your file streams are accessible from a single place.” With Fileboard, every document a professional may need, such as a contract, can be pulled up immediately regardless of where it is saved. Users can even create an email using Fileboard and attach a file from either previously downloaded attachments or files stored in Dropbox or Evernote. There is also an option to toggle to see all of your incoming Gmail, which can be useful for locating the context of an attachment or easily responding to en email with an attachment.

Right now, Fileboard is only available on the iPad due to the rapid adoption and evolution of the tablet as a primary workstation. Depending on feedback from its beta users, Fileboard may eventually be available for other tablets as well as via the desktop. Additionally, they are looking to incorporate even more cloud services like Usendit and Google Docs, as well as Microsoft Exchange, which will help make finding and sharing those documents even easier for iPad users — fitting right into the goal of Fileboard, which is simply to make it possible to do work on an iPad.

Fileboard is free and available to download in the App Store for iPad users. If you try it out, be sure to let us know what you think of this new app.