For many in the technology industry, Sony seems to have lost its technological leading edge, actually placing it behind the technology curve. However, with its new HD 3D visor, this conception may well become a thing of the past as the company revolutionizes the consumer viewing experience with a device that could only be imagined in an old ‘Buck Rogers’ type movie. According to reviews, this new device from Sony will change the way that you and I will view future video and HDTV content forever by providing us with an unheard of visual experience.

First of all, it will create a full visual experience that will cause you, the viewer, to feel as if you are watching a 150″ screen while sitting 12 feet away.

Second, it has a built-in 5.1 surround sound that will simulate the experience of sitting in a home theater environment.

Last, its dual HD displays, which feature OLED, will provide both 2D and 3D experiences to each eye separately.

However, after reading reviews and viewing the Sony Web site while perusing its description of the new device, I can already see a few issues that may keep potential buyers away. First and foremost, of course, is the price of the units, which are selling as pre-ordered for approximately $799.99 per visor. Another issue with the visor, in my opinion from viewing the pictures of the unit that Sony is providing, is that the visor appears to be cumbersome.

With that said, however, one must remember though that as with any first edition product, those desiring to have the latest and greatest before anyone else will be willing to pay top dollar but, if you are patient, the price will eventually drop. In addition, with more time and as technology advances, the unit will be slimmed down, built lighter, and therefore become more comfortable. Once this happens, one can only guess that this new device will become more mainstream, similar to what has happened with the advancement of much of the technology that we use today.

With that in mind, I also see one serious downside, which has nothing to do with the technology itself but with people in general. In using this device people, especially our children, will have another excuse to further isolate themselves from the people around them. Why? because as the user watches any type of entertainment on this type of device, they will have no contact with anyone else in the room.

Just my thoughts. What do you think?