In what can only be described as an unusual decision from Best Buy, which allegedly returned a huge number of unsold HP TouchPad units due to sluggish sales, has recently resurrected it from the electronic graveyard. So while it may have been an advertising gimmick to draw attention to the new HP 32 GB TouchPad device, the $149.99 made it a great fire sale buy for the consumer who was savvy enough to take advantage of it.

However, if you are in the market for a new laptop or desktop computer, and if you missed the fire sale, you may want to take advantage of Best Buy’s latest offer. This new offer will allow you to once again purchase the 32 GB HP TouchPad for the sale price of $149.99 when you purchase your new laptop. If you do not want a laptop or desktop, however, your HP TouchPad will cost you the regular selling price of $599.99. I find this odd since HP had placed the same 32 GB TouchPad on sale for only $149.99. While I find this to be just another advertising ploy to get you to purchase something you may not want, this statement on the Best Buy Web site surprised me:

“If you return the computer that qualifies you to purchase the HP TouchPad at this price and you do not return the TouchPad at the same time, your return will void the $450 combined purchase savings and you will owe more money than you originally paid.”

What this statement means to me is that the HP TouchPad is going to cost the consumer $599.99 if they choose to keep it for themselves but return the computer they purchased to get the sale price. So, if this ploy doesn’t work, it is possible that Best Buy could once again end up with another glut of unsold HP TouchPads. If this happens, and it could if Christmas sales are less than anticipated, it will force Best Buy to offer another fire sale for these units.

So while sales may be better than expected and Best Buy turns out to be a winner in the TouchPad game, one should know that the latest rumor swirling around about HP is that it could retire the webOS, potentially making the HP tablet a brick. Additionally, it appears that HP’s new CEO envisions a future where the HP tablet will run Windows 8, making me ponder as to why any consumer would want to take advantage of this offer?

My personal opinion is that consumers should buy an Amazon Kindle Fire for $199, with a proven track record and a tried and tested Google Android operating system.

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