WordPress is everywhere, and it’s one of the most simple and easy to use content management systems out there. Not only is it simple, but it’s ultra powerful. Many of the Web’s top sites use it; even we here at LockerGnome are using WordPress to power this blog. It’s scalable from small personal blogs to giant, high traffic sites. It’s a universal system that can be modified and changed to each user’s desires. If you’ve been making Web sites for what seems like ages or are just getting into it, WordPress is where to start. It’s powered by the most powerful frameworks on the Web: PHP and MySQL. Now let’s get into why you should use it.

Free and open source — WordPress is completely free and open source, meaning that you can take WordPress’ code and change it if you like and customize it to your needs. Of course you can only use this for your own good and cannot resell the WordPress platform, but you can create plugins and themes that make it powerful.
10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Web Site
It’s not forgotten — With so much popularity around WordPress, it’s being constantly updated with security fixes and improvements. The developers are dedicated to the project and have not forgotten about it like some other management systems out there. You know that if something is wrong, it’ll be fixed within a reasonable amount of time.

Plugins — Out of the box, WordPress is a powerful management system. But like everything else, its developers cannot include everything that people want in the system. That’s where its open source functionality comes in; developers have the ability to create plugins to do a variety of things to the WordPress installation. Thanks to the efforts of many, WordPress has a huge plugin directory filled with awesome plugins for everyone to use.

Visual editing — Not every content management system can do this, but WordPress integrates a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for posts and pages to preview your content before it goes live without having to go preview it in a different window.

Easiest blogging platform — WordPress was built on the notion of blogging, and hasn’t moved away from that. To many, it’s the easiest platform from which to blog. It has iOS, Android, and even desktop editors for easy blogging from anywhere.

Themes extend the possibilities — WordPress is by far the easiest platform for which to design templates. Templates can be created for a variety of people and easily changed and customized. Even the default theme that comes with WordPress is highly customizable so that you can make it your own. There are both paid and free themes out there — there is something for everyone.

Google and WordPress love each other — In this day and age of the Internet it’s all about SEO (search engine optimization). There are many powerful plugins to help with that in the plugin directory. WordPress itself is optimized for Google and works well when the search engine indexes it.

Accessible from anywhere — WordPress is built upon HTML and CSS, meaning that it can be rendered on any device from a phone to a tablet and beyond. Anywhere you can get Internet, your site can be accessed. There are even plugins for mobile sites to make them easier to use when on a mobile interface.

Scalable for any size — WordPress can be hosted anywhere where PHP and MySQL can be found. It can integrate with CDNs and cloud hosting services to expand and grow the site when traffic becomes too high or costs of one huge server get too high. WordPress has great caching plugins, too — this allows parts of the site to be served without making many queries to the server and stressing it out.

WordPress is a great platform that is highly expandable and can go anywhere. Consider this next time you plan on building a Web site or design for a client. If you’re not that into hosting a WordPress site yourself, there is always WordPress.com that has hosted free blogs that you can create and expand to your liking. Although it isn’t as customizable as a self-hosted installation, check it out if you just need a simple blog.