In our house we have two older HDTVs — one four years old and the other five years old. In TV technology, like in dog years, these TVs, built with only 720P technology, are ancient since they do not support either wireless or wired access to the Internet. In addition, both sets are manufactured with only two HDMI connectors, which limits the number of devices that can be connected to them.

For me this was a problem that I recently mentioned to my son-in-law, who owns a home theater business in Shreveport, LA and is an expert when it comes to the latest in TV and audio technology. My question to him regarded the replacement of my older DVD player with a new Blu-ray and if I could do it by hooking up another HDMI switch. This resulted in his stating that my system was a ‘hodgepodge’ and would require a complete upgrade. The problem for me, like many of you, was how much of an expenditure it would take to make the needed updates to my system. In the end I decided that the cost was prohibitive and discovered that I could provide a temporary fix by installing an HDMI splitter switch.

Can You Update Your Older HDTV?So while frustrated by his perfect solutions that would cost thousands of dollars, I was pleased to know I had an option. With that in mind, I looked on Amazon and found several different HDMI switches that would convert a single device HDMI connection to one that would work as an electronic extension for four or five additional devices. Surprisingly, all of these switches were priced at $30 or under (this does not include the price of additional HDMI cables). I found this to be a fantastic option since it meant that I can now purchase that Blu-ray player and hook it up to my TV, even though I may not be able to enjoy the full benefit of 1080p technology.

Another treat that this connection would make possible for those of you who have felt limited by your current technology is the ability to use other media. For example, last year I bought two Roku devices and have enjoyed streaming movies and TV programs to both TV sets. In particular, I enjoy watching older movies and TV programs, (even the old black and white stuff) so between my Roku, my Netflix account, and programs from the likes of Crackle, I am one happy camper.

So for you, my friend, that means that between the number of streaming devices available and the addition of HDMI switches, you can extend the life of your old HDTV for a few more years. What have you done to breathe more life into your older set?

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