The other day, I wrote an article about Sprint’s AIRAVE, a connection that allows users to make calls from their home or workplace.

Then, after I posted the article, I received an email from an associate who stated that AIRAVE was great for Sprint users, but then asked if there was anything similar for those using Android smart phones on other networks. I was pleased to inform him that those Android phone users who live in a rural area can, indeed, find an inexpensive and easy solution to their Android phone issues.

VoIP or 3G/4G Connections Free with Android ApplicationThis solution is available through an Android application called GrooVe IP and is available for download from the Android Market for only $4.99. The difference between the Sprint AIRAVE and the GrooVeIP is that the Sprint AIRAVE is a stationary unit meant for a single location, whereas the GrooVe IP can be used anywhere that a wireless connection can be made.

How it works:

  • GrooVe IP uses the Google Voice services available free to anyone. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use the same email and password to sign up for Google Voice.
  • Download and install the GrooVe IP application. This application incorporates into Google Voice, allowing you to make free phone calls to anywhere in the US or Canada via a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. You merely sign into your Google Voice account using your email address and password and you are set to go once you activate the application.
  • During setup, the application contains a warning that the use of a 3G/4G connection and the transferring of voice data may not be included as part of your data plan. The warning suggests that a user should check with their carrier to confirm that voice is allowed over their mobile data network.

Pros: Free, easy to set up, uses Google Voice.

Cons: Like most VoIP services, there is some lag when talking to someone.

Over all, I found that the Android application GrooVe IP does a very good job of using your broadband connection to make calls. Unfortunately, however, I cannot compare it to those programs using a 3G/4G connection as I have been unable to experience the latter. As a result I cannot give you an objective opinion as to which one is better.

Comments welcome.