Goodwill Industries, a mission driven community, now offers items for sale on the Goodwill auction website. One will notice that, while the Goodwill Industries website operates in a similar manner to eBay and offers similar items, there are some slight differences. One of these differences is that the auctions at Goodwill Industries are offered for a limited period of one week, while another is that with fewer participants, the competition is less — meaning that bids may be lower.

Goodwill Industries Now Offering Online AuctionsSo what does Goodwill Industries do with the donations it receives? Goodwill Industries started in 1902 with a mission driven purpose to enable people to help themselves by providing job training that the disenfranchised would be able to learn. From that point on, Goodwill Industries has prided itself in building trust and receiving donations from some 74 million people throughout the United States and Canada. As a result of this trust, the organization is now home to hundreds of separate Goodwill Industries stores located in both countries and maintains the same goal of training people for employment in the local communities where they live.

The retail sales are now being extended to Goodwill’s online auction site where donated and repaired items can be found for sale. These items range from electronics to toys, with there being a little something for everyone. I personally was drawn to the electronics section where I found some 1,850 items for sale, some of which included older computer items such as laptops and desktop computers; I was actually surprised at the variety of items that were available. For those who are unfamiliar with how auction sites work, they will find this one relatively easy to access and surf — making it easy for them to find that special item that they are looking for.

So, how well does Goodwill Industries do in the sales of used items? According to its available financial statement for the year 2010, Goodwill Industries made $2.69 billion in retail sales. Additionally, 22 million people were trained, thus helping them in finding jobs or other means of support. These figures, however, were not from the website alone but included revenues from Goodwill’s over 2,500 retail outlets.

Given its impressive record, I find Goodwill Industries to be a cause worthy of my donations. How about you?

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