If you are using a Google Android smart phone with a smaller 3″ touchpad, you know how small the keyboard keys are and how easy it is to mistype letters and numbers. This can amount to a loss of productivity hours in business or just be a real pain since it requires additional time and effort to correct the mistakes. To solve the problem, I have found an application that will make your typing task easier and also correct mistyped words without having to use the backspace key.

ThickButtons Makes Android Typing EasierThis application, called ThickButtons, replaces the normal keyboard that comes standard with Androids and is easy to get started with. First, as with all downloaded software, you must download and install the ThickButtons application before you can activate it. Then, in order to activate it, you simply go to your Settings where you can choose your desired Language and Keyboard settings. During the setup process, be sure to place a check-mark next to the ThickButtons application to activate it; then check to make sure that you have set it as your default keyboard in order for you to take advantage of all of the features the application offers.

Here are some of the features I enjoy when using ThickButtons:

  • As you type each key, the letters are displayed above the keyboard in larger text. This feature allows the user to spot a mistyped letter or number quickly. However, if you need to adjust the size of the font, it can be controlled and made larger or smaller in the settings feature of ThickButtons.
  • ThickButtons helps me to type text faster with what I personally believe are fewer mistakes.
  • ThickButtons allows the user to easily switch between the normal setting built into the Android keyboard and the ThickButtons keyboard if one wishes to do so.

So, who will benefit from this application?

I believe that this application will benefit anyone who, like me, finds Google’s Android keyboard or the Swype application difficult to use. If you have previously been frustrated using Swype, ThickButtons is a viable alternative. I know my brain couldn’t get around the Swype application no matter how much I practiced.

Another alternative that I have written about previously is VLingo. Using VLingo, you can forget about typing altogether. But if you use your smart phone to blog, write letters, or to take notes like I often do, then ThickButtons may be a better choice for you. However, since both VLingo and ThickButtons are free, they can make your chore of writing just a little bit easier. I would recommend either or both applications to anyone.

Read more about ThickButtons or download the application directly.