YouTube for Android, probably one of the most popular Android apps while also one of the least updated, has received an update today that brings some new features as well as some key tie-ins to new Google services that will be very useful for YouTube aficionados.

YouTube for Android Updated, New Features AboundThe first thing you’ll notice if you update your YouTube app is that Google has added its now ubiquitous +1 button to all videos in the app, and giving something your approval is now just a click away. We’re not sure how Google is integrating the +1s into the overall YouTube sorting and ranking algorithm, but as of now, giving a video a +1 will simply add that video to the list of content that you’ve +1d in your Google+ profile. It’s fairly simple, but definitely an easy way to tag a video on your mobile phone to watch later on your desktop.

Another key feature added to this new YouTube version is Watch it Later. Desktop users have had Watch It Later for months, and it’s essentially a queue so you can tag a bunch of videos and then watch them all in a row. This feature could be great for long bus rides, as you can set up a series of videos to watch all in a row. To access this feature, just go to any video page, tap the + button at the top of the screen, and select Watch Later. Once you set up your queue, you can press Menu > Playlists > Watch It Later to access the queue and play back your videos.

Finally, the new version adds a feature for those of you who like to create and upload videos to YouTube right from your phone. Once you start the upload, you can edit all the video info right from that page without interrupting your upload. This is a change from the last version, where you had to wait until the video finished uploading before you could edit that information.

Over all, the changes in the new YouTube app are relatively small, but they definitely improve the mobile video-watching experience. Head to the Market and update your app today!