Before I begin, you first need to know that, contrary to some reports, Amazon does allow third party applications to be installed on its Kindle Fire. These are allowed despite the fact that Amazon’s Kindle Fire does comes preloaded with some fairly nice applications. However, some of these apps do not perform as well as others that are available in the Marketplace. That means that you can load that favorite app with little difficulty. All you need to do is click on the little cog that is located at the very top right hand corner of your Kindle Fire screen. This will bring up a Settings menu from which you will be able to choose the Device tab and scroll down it until you see the option to Allow Installation. You will want to be sure to choose the one that allows installation from Unknown Sources and then click on the Yes button. To make this process even easier, I would also recommend that you install the application “Easy installer” which can be found, for free, at the Amazon App Store. Easy Installer installs third party applications onto your Kindle Fire for you and will automatically place an app icon on your device.

Here are the three programs I have installed that have made my experience using the Amazon Kindle Fire more enjoyable:

Three Must-Have Applications for Your Amazon Kindle FireDolphin Browser HD: I prefer the Dolphin Browser HD over Amazon’s choice of the Silk browser because I found the Silk browser to be slow and sluggish. My decision came after trying the new Silk browser for 24 hours and not being to resolve my issues with its performance. However, once I installed Dolphin Browser HD, my Internet experience improved enormously. Dolphin Browser HD is fast and has more features than the Silk browser, including add-ons, that improved my browsing experience. You may also consider Dolphin Browser Mini or Opera Mini, which are both available from Amazon to install on your Kindle Fire.

1 Mobile Market for Android: These applications are the top picks, by a collaboration of reviewers, of the current available Android applications. The great part of this app is that it seems to backdoor Amazon’s attempt to prevent some third party apps to be installed. Give 1 Mobile Market for Android a try. It is a free download at CNET.

Dog Whistler: This is a free Android app that is available directly from the Amazon Store for your Kindle Fire. The Dog Whistler is a handy tool to control your dog’s behavior. I need to tell my five-year-old Bishon doggie a dozen times a day to stop licking his paws. No, there is nothing wrong with his feet; it is just an annoying habit. With Dog Whistler it only takes one high frequency sound to get him to stop.

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