The conventional wisdom concerning Android phones and devices has been that as long as third party apps are blocked, all would be well. Google has maintained that third party applications from unknown developers could damage your Android device and the company has been fairly specific about what should not be installed on your phone or device. There are now allegations from numerous security firms claiming that even those apps, from the Android Market, could potentially be fatal to your device.

So are these allegations nothing more than FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) drummed up by the security firms to sell their anti-virus products? Having been a Windows user for more years than I wish to count, I wouldn’t even start a Windows box attached to the Internet without some type of virus protection. So it only seems logical to me that Android, because of its popularity, would need the same type of protection.

Major Malware Attacks on Android: Fact or Fiction?If I weren’t right, then why does the Android Market have over 1,000 Android anti-virus applications available?

I have already installed an application called Antivirus Free on both my Android smart phone and my Amazon Kindle Fire. The reason I chose this application to protect my systems was because it was free and, second, because it was offered on Amazon’s app store for use on the Fire. I do not believe it is important which anti-virus protection that you choose to use. I believe it is more important just to install the anti-virus protection to be safe. Why take a chance?

The second application I would highly recommend for any Android user is an app called App Backup & Restore.

This application is simple to use and your backups can be saved to a memory card or transferred over to your computer for safe keeping. The second reason I recommend it is because it is free and I personally love free stuff.

If you treat your Android smart phone or other Android device the same way that you treat your Windows computer, with the proper amount of protection, I believe that you should have no issues. Just my two cents. What do you think?

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