About a week ago, I mentioned that I would wait until I received the Barnes & Noble Nook before comparing it to the Amazon Kindle Fire. During this five-day waiting period I had the opportunity to test the Amazon Kindle Fire’s performance so that I knew its capabilities when the Nook tablet arrived. I have now received the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet and have spent the last three days attempting to make an honest determination of which of these tablets offers the best bang for the consumer’s dollar. These are my personal observations and my personal opinions.

What I won’t do, as some in the marketplace are doing, is compare either the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet to the Apple iPad. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could be so sadly misinformed as to believe that either Amazon or Barnes & Noble could upgrade either the Kindle Fire or the Nook tablet into an iPad for the price point they are targeting. I also won’t bore you with specifications such as the one-half ounce weight difference between the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire Vs. the Barnes & Noble Nook TabletWhat I can share with you are these simple facts. Both the Fire and the Nook tablet are great — no, superb — products. Each, in their own way, have their individual pros and cons — none of which are deal breakers. Due to this, I give kudos to both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for bringing to the consumer two products of exceptional value, both of which are relatively inexpensive and worthy of your consideration.

There are two reasons why I am keeping the Amazon Kindle Fire and returning the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet.

Content: In my personal opinion, Amazon offers more online value since it has more available content such as free movies, more applications, and available music choices. This value only increases if, like me, you have signed up for Prime Advantage (a small fee is attached when signing up), which offers free next-day shipping.

Longevity: During the past year, Barnes & Noble has struggled in the marketplace and as a result has been forced to close quite a few of its brick and mortar stores, while at the same time, Amazon has expanded its online presence and services. If I were to place a bet on which of the two retailers will still be in business in the next five years, I would place my money on Amazon and since all of these new devices depend on the Internet for products and services, what happens if Barnes & Noble (like Borders) goes out of business?

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