Your smart phone is great for gaming, but have you ever looked at it and realized that it could be better if you had an external screen to view the game, with the phone only being the controller? A new startup called Brass Monkey thought just that, and it has made it happen with a creative new iOS app.

The Boston-based startup has come up with the inventive idea of leveraging your iPhone or iPod touch as an external controller for video games that you can play in any Web browser. So whether you are looking at the Internet on your laptop, TV, or tablet, you can use your phone as a controller to play games on the larger screen. Any iPhone or iPod touch can be a controller, so you can grab your friends, tell them to bring their iPhones, and all of you can game together using your Web-connected TV.

New App Brass Monkey Turns Your Phone into a Cloud-based Game ControllerBrass Monkey already has a few games and it looks like it is opening up its API for other game developers to make their own games as well. As of now, there are only six games, including Monkey Dodgeball, Monkey Mini-Golf, a puzzle game called Candescent, and a zombie-survival game called “Contamination.” All of these games and the corresponding apps are free, so you really have no reason not to check them out if you have an iPhone.

Over all, the games have good graphics and using your iPhone as a controller is surprisingly intuitive, and does not suffer from lag like you might think. Up to four people with iPhones can join in on a game of Monkey Golf, so grab your friends and try out this new technology.

If this sounds appealing to you, check out Brass Monkey and install it on your iOS devices. From there, you can go to to load up the games and sync your iOS devices. If you’re a developer and interested in making your own games that use the Brass Monkey controller, you can check out their developer SDK page.

Have you tried Brass Monkey yet? What do you think?