With the holiday season once again upon us, it’s time for those office Christmas parties. I’m sure we’ve all seen “that” movie or heard “that” story about the guy who ended his career at the office Christmas party. If you’re office soiree is fast approaching, here are a few things you should avoid to ensure you don’t commit career suicide during the festive event.

What Not To Do At A Holiday Party
Photo by Ed Uthman

  • Don’t put yourself out there — literally — by wearing a risqué outfit. An office party is still a party at the office. Therefore, you need to dress appropriately. Save the mini-skirt and sequence bustier for another occasion, away from the office.
  • If there is alcohol available, save some for others. Drunken behavior is not appropriate at an office party. The more you drink, the more you run the risk of saying or doing something you’re sure to regret the next day.
  • Don’t talk shop. An office party gives people the opportunity to interact and get to know one another on a more social level. If you’re all about business, give people a break and save the business chatter for the next meeting.
  • Avoid inappropriate topics. Don’t talk about religion, sex, or politics!
  • Save the complaints for another time. An office Christmas party is no time to complain. Someone has put in time and effort to plan the event. Even if the food and drinks are not to your taste or standard, show your gratitude.