Sure, everyone always goes on and on about how miserable Mondays make them. If you live for the weekend, of course, you’ll lament its passing and look toward the week ahead as nearly endless. But at least you probably have some of the good spirit drummed up by the weekend that’s passed to keep you going. By Tuesday, however, all hope seems lost. The light at the end of the tunnel looks a good sight closer than it did the day before, but do you have enough fuel to make it? Asked on Monday, you may have been confident about your chances in spite of the seemingly endless distance between you and the next weekend, but by Tuesday, the shadow of doubt looms leeringly close.

And things may have changed since my younger days of going out every night of the week, but I remember that, even in party happy Los Angeles, Tuesdays could be famously dull. Promoters would try and host regular Tuesday night events, but people were usually petered out from trying to hold on to the weekend before, or saving it up for the weekend to come to show up in sustainably profitable numbers.

Top 10 Songs About TuesdayBut Tuesday, in spite of being known as a universally soul-crushing experience that we all must endure once a week (twice if we’ve been particularly naughty), has been inspiring enough for more than a few odes to its existence being penned and sung, hollered, or crooned. While some of your choices may be missing from this list (in which case, I implore you to share yours in the comments below), I present (in no special order) my favorite top 10 songs about Tuesday.

The Minders – Hooray for Tuesday
Hooray for Tuesday? That’s the spirit! Well, okay, so the lyrics don’t really resonate with what most would consider positive energy. Still, this gem from 1996 is more hum-along than humdrum in its presentation, so you can listen to it without sulking if you don’t reflect too deeply on death or Tuesday. Hooray for Tuesday! Say it enough times and you’ll be a believer. (Alternatively, the late Elliott Smith was known to cover this ditty during live performances; you can find a few versions floating around on YouTube.)

“Hooray for Tuesday… One more day around and I’d be dead and done.”

The Pogues – Tuesday Morning
Tuesday Morning was on the first album the Pogues released soon after sacking its famous bad boy singer/songwriter Shane MacGowan (and really, if you get kicked out of a London Irish Celtic punk band for having substance abuse problems, take the hint and get help). Clash front man Joe Strummer filled the gap left by MacGowan for a little while, and then Spider Stacey (there since the beginning and singer for more than a few tracks along the way) took over to lead the band for a couple of albums.

Eventually, MacGowan and his former bandmates made nice and went on to tour together again about a decade later, but none of that’s important to the enjoyment of this song. I just love the Pogues and find it difficult to shut up about them. Sorry, gentle reader!

“Too many sad days… Too many Tuesday mornings.”

The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday
Probably the first song that people think of when they’re racking their brains for “top ten songs about Tuesday,” Ruby Tuesday has been covered by everyone from Melanie to Nazareth to the Scorpions (heck, there’s even a Vitamin String Quartet version of it if the chamber music bug strikes, and Chris Pirillo standby “Weird Al” Yankovic referenced it in The Hot Rocks Polka). It was written by Keith Richards, it’s been said, about a girl he loved who left him for Jimi Hendrix. (Tough break, Keith, but at least she didn’t leave you for a bass player or something.)

“Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday. Who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day. Still I’m gonna miss you…”

Paper Aeroplanes – Tuesday
I hadn’t even heard of this band until I went looking hither and yon for songs about Tuesday for this very post, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this little gem. I don’t know a whole heck a lot about this band, except that they’re a duo (and maybe a more-o every now and again) from Wales who make some really pretty music. Also, unlike a lot of the bands on this list, they’re active and playing regularly in the UK. Maybe if you go to the Paper Aeroplanes website (or Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp) and show your support, they’ll come play in a town near you. With any luck, it’ll happen on a Tuesday so you’ll have something to look forward to on this usually gloomy dent in the week.

“On a Tuesday morning in July, I was bright and breezy and not willing to die…”

Cowboy Junkies – Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning

Depending on your particular situation, waking up alone isn’t always the end of the world. Sure, you might miss some of the little things — the daily rituals that you’ll fondly remember forever. But isn’t it nice to have that “extra few feet in [your] bed?” Canadians like the Cowboy Junkies know a few things about keeping warm in even the coldest of wintertime Tuesdays — with or without the bedtime company. Space heaters were invented for a reason.

“Sun comes up; it’s Tuesday morning… Hits me straight in the eye.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone

Here’s something to yell back at that gloriously bemulleted jerk five rows behind you (though you’d swear it was only one) when he shouts “FREEBIRD!” for the 18th time. While it’s unlikely that his cluelessness will be abated, you might take pleasure in knowing that he’s totally going to puke a fetid soup of overpriced Bud Light and arena nachos in his buddy’s Trans-Am on the ride back to the suburbs after the show.

“Tuesday’s gone with the wind. My baby’s gone with the wind. Train roll on… Tuesday’s gone with the wind.”

The Smithereens – Groovy Tuesday

There’s precious little that’s groovy about any Tuesday in my recent memory, but if you were raging drunk enough on Monday night to give you a brain-stunting hangover by the next morning, then you’re probably reading the wrong list. Seek help!

“Woke up on a groovy Tuesday. Even my hangover’s fine…. Woke up on a groovy Tuesday. Hung my mind out on the line.”

Cat Stevens – Tuesday’s Dead

Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam gave up music for decades to pursue personal spiritual enlightenment after coming this close to dying in a surfing accident, yet some sicko creep keeps encouraging Nickelback to churn out album after miserable album. In the words of some melting, green-faced biddy I once met on a field trip away from Kansas, “What a world! What a world!”

“Whoah, where do you go when you don’t want no one to know? Who told tomorrow Tuesday’s dead?”

Stevie Wonder – Tuesday Heartbreak

What kind of demon-hearted swamp witch breaks up with Stevie Wonder on a Tuesday?

“Tuesday heartbreak seem to be unfair, ’cause you say that you found another man… Tuesday break heart; guess you just don’t care, ’cause you found you another man.”

Laurel Jackson – Tuesday’s Moon

Honestly, I’m not super familiar with Montreal performer Laurel Jackson, but she sure does sing words real nice, like. Plus, she waxes philosophical about mathematics and astronomy as well as Tuesdays — that’s like geek perfume made of music. Swoonworthy!

“I was chasing the moon in Tuesday’s sky. It’s a mathematical equation and it’s all based on pi. Oh, the Earth is on an axis — it revolves around that sun. They’re all praying to their gods — you and me and everyone.”

Did I happen to forget your favorite song about Tuesday? I have no doubt that you’ll let me know in heated words below. It’s okay. If I can get through this Tuesday, I can get through anything. Cheers!