When Apple released its Apple iPad 2 in March, 2011, the newest iPad had additional features that the original Apple iPad did not. Lighter in weight, the addition of two cameras and a faster CPU were all highlighted in the ‘new and improved’ advertisements.

Toward the end of April of 2011, I wandered over to the Apple Store after being advised by one of the writers here at LockerGnome that Apple was selling the original refurbished iPads with 16 GB and Wi-Fi only for $349.

This price was $150 less than the original price and included the following:

  • Tested and certified including a one-year warranty
  • New battery
  • New outer shell
  • Free shipping

Upon receiving the iPad, I was surprised at the condition, since in my opinion it appeared new. The unit came in a new box with instructions, limited as they were, and one could not distinguish it as being refurbished or new. The iPad worked and continues to work perfectly with no issues. During the course of 2011 I continued to buy refurbished products from the Apple store including an additional refurbished iPad for myself and two refurbished iPods as gifts.

Why You Should Consider a Refurbished Apple Product This Holiday SeasonThe last iPad I bought was also one of the originals and included 32 GB of storage, Wi-Fi and 3G, and was priced at $399, a savings of $230. Again the unit was in perfect condition and also came with the original one-year warranty. Both refurbished iPods were given to younger family members and have performed perfectly. I believe that this perfection of hardware is a credit to Apple and its high quality that extends to its refurbished products as well.

Why You Should Consider a Refurbished Apple Product This Holiday SeasonThe refurbished iPad 2 models are not heavily discounted and you may only save $50 when purchasing one of these units. But if the rumors are true and Apple plans on releasing its new iPad 3 next March, I would expect that the iPad 2 will also be heavily discounted at that time.

Because of my personal experiences in buying refurbished products from the Apple Store, I can highly recommend buying these products with confidence. Apple backs its refurbished products with a full one-year warranty, which itself instills confidence that you are purchasing a quality, slightly used product, at significant savings.

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