Have you struggled with Facebook’s privacy issues and its habit of changing everything around on a whim? Has the biggest social network’s seeming (but somewhat justified) arrogance in believing that its users will put up with anything it wants to put them through gotten your goat for the last time and made you check out alternatives like Google+ and/or Diaspora? In this video, Chris Pirillo discusses what Diaspora is and the challenges that are ahead for the upcoming social network.

A member of the LockerGnome community asks: “Have you used Diaspora?”

Chris responds:

Diaspora Vs. Facebook Vs. Google+“I have not. It’s an interesting idea. I certainly feel for the team that lost one of its members recently — it’s tragic.

“But I don’t hate Facebook. I dislike some of the things it does. I think the idea of privacy and Facebook is a joke. Even Zuckerberg came out the other day and said, “Yeah, we realize we haven’t done it as well in the past, but we’re getting better…”

“You want to talk about an understatement?

“If you want a private life, get offline. Don’t share anything. I don’t put my entire life on Facebook; I share things I want to share, and I’m fine with using Facebook. I don’t feel like I need to put everything about myself there. I’ll put it on chris.pirillo.com, we’ll put the content on LockerGnome.com; we’ll bring it back to the universe that we know we can control (“We” being the team and me).

“So Diaspora comes along; the idea is more of an “open” type of Facebook. It has heart. The idea of Diaspora is heading down the right path. But Facebook has not been providing so many pain points that people are just leaving in droves — or at least to the point where it’s become another MySpace and completely laughed out of the industry.

“Another community member asks: ‘Would you say that Google+ is better than Facebook?’

“They’re really two different tools. Diaspora is closer to Facebook — and some people have quit Facebook outright and gone to Diaspora because it gives them what they want. I’ve been sent an invite to Diaspora, but really, if none of my friends are there, why would I join? There’s no value there for me. I’m already sharing my thoughts on YouTube and Google+ and Facebook and Twitter…

“It’s all about attention and time in the day. I’m already spending most (if not all) of my time scouting for good content to share and…sharing it. Beyond that, where’s my time? I barely have time to build LEGO sets… I’m chomping at the bit this weekend to put together the dinosaur sets!

“So either I spend my time doing that, or I spend my time somewhere else like Diaspora that isn’t yet quite as interesting as similar, but more developed outlets like Facebook and Google+. But do you use Diaspora? I’m curious to know, because you may have a perspective that would make me reconsider and give it a shot. I’m always open to trying something new or different — even if it’s not something I fully understand.”