It is now officially winter in the northern hemisphere, which means blistery winds and freezing temperatures for most of us. A typical morning means donning appropriate apparel, including scarves, hats, and gloves — and not forgetting your smartphone behind as you dash through the door to catch the next bus before you are late to work. But how the heck are you supposed to use your touchscreen phone with gloves — and without risking frostbite or hypothermia by taking them off just to text your friends on your way to the office? With the invention of new technology, there are now fashionable and functional options for gloves that allow ladies to stay stylish while still staying warm.

These gloves react to capacitive touchscreens, which are used on most popular smartphones. These smartphones don’t actually react to your body heat, but natural bioelectricity in your skin. It’s the tiny amounts of moisture, salts, and oils on your skin that allow electrons to flow between you and your device that facilitate communication between you and your smartphone. Normal, ordinary gloves prevent this conductivity and prohibit most people from using their smartphone with gloves on.

However, some brands, such as Lululemon, the NorthFace, and Agloves are designing gloves that include silver, which harnesses the body’s natural bioelectricty and transfers it directly to your smartphone. (Silver is the most conductive element on the Periodic Table of the Elements.)

I personally tested three of the best touchscreen gloves for women. Which did I find to be the best?

Lululemon’s Brisk Run Gloves

Lululemon has a reputation for being runner-friendly with products designed for the girl on the go. The Brisk Run Gloves are sleek and stylish, featuring Lululemon’s signature Rulu fabric and long cuffs to prevent that annoying gap between gloves and long sleeves. The gloves also feature technology that enables you to use your smartphone without taking the gloves off, though you must pull back the tips of the gloves to reveal the special touchscreen tips. This is admittedly an annoyance every time you receive and reply to a new text message, especially if you are juggling groceries, a dog leash, or anything else in your other hand. I also found the gloves to be too thin to keep my hands warm in the type of winter weather that would require gloves. While the gloves are cute, they are not ideal for using on a daily basis when exposed to the elements for more than a few minutes (such as your walk to the bus stop — or even all the way to the office). They are cute, however, and reasonably priced for their style at $28.00. They’re available on Lululemon’s website.

The North Face’s Women’s Etip Gloves

If there are any brands known for product lines designed for keeping women warm in arctic conditions, The North Face usually comes to mind. One of the newest additions to its armada of warm and well-fitted winter gear is the Women’s Etip glove, which is available in both stylish white and black and features the ability for women to keep gloves on while using their smartphones. Unfortunately, the gloves aren’t as warm as hoped, especially in below-freezing temperatures. Also, the gloves only worked for me when the e-tips touched the screen of my iPhone, which required some degree of concentration and accuracy as the sensors do not wrap around the fingertips of gloves (I tend to type and tap with the sides of my fingertips). The North Face’s Women’s Etip Gloves are notably sleek and stylish, but in my opinion they’re not worth the price tag of $40.00.


My favorite and the best touchscreen gloves for women come from Agloves. Agloves are thickly knitted gloves with silver knit throughout all 10 fingers — and not just into the tips. As a result, wearers of Agloves can touch and tap capacitive touchscreens with any part of any finger and still use their Android or iOS device. Additionally, the silver that is knitted throughout the gloves allows more heat to stay trapped inside the gloves, warming your fingers. This means Agloves keep your hands warmer than Lululemon’s or The North Face gloves by their sheer design — and are actually warmer than other knitted gloves I own, too. Unfortunately, Agloves aren’t waterproof, but they do sustain windy weather and cold temperatures. Agloves are available in a variety of versions, including a warmer, thicker, and a snug-fitted “sport” version for active days. Agloves are also very reasonably priced starting at just $17.99, and can be ordered from the Agloves website. If you’re in the market for touchscreen gloves for women, Agloves are definitely the best.