This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of proDAD. All opinions are 100% mine.

At LockerGnome we take a fairly punk rock approach to videos. We largely avoid title effects in video. We rarely use effects and transitions; if you’re lucky we might perform some jump-cut edits. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate video editing and effects. There are many videos that benefit greatly when effects are applied or image enhancement technologies are used.

On the occasions when I add effects to my videos, I frequently turn to the proDAD Adorage effects for Windows video editing applications. Sony Vegas and Avid Studio, two apps I frequently use for editing, include a handful of effects, but they never seem to have exactly what I need. Adorage offers a significantly largely library that works with most of the major video editing applications, including Premiere, Grass Valley, Corel, and of course the apps I already mentioned.

Adorage 13Adorage Effects Package 13 builds on the past success of proDAD effects. By using HD-quality animations, effects, and transparent overlays, Adorage allows you to enhance the story you are telling with video by adding creative transitions. It’s also handy if you want to create a Web TV show with higher level of production, because you can easily do many of the things major studio productions do for a fraction of the price.

As an example, imagine you are creating a narrative about your recent trip to the mountains. You shot a bunch of scenery, you got some close-ups of nature, and you were even lucky enough to get footage of a bear catching a fish in a nearby stream without being eaten. Back at home, you want to put together a video that tells the story of your adventure.

You could take the LockerGnome approach and simply combine the hours of footage you have into one long stream of video, complete with the time your camera slipped from your hand and the moment the camera pointed skyward as you slipped down a hill. You could do some minor edits and simply include each segment one-after-the-other. Or you could add a light effect when you transition from a wide shot to that amazing visual of the sun rising over the mountain. You could add a book frame transition when you move between the wide shot of the foothills to a close-up of the deer you saw off the trail. And you apply yet another effect to illustrate the significance of your close encounter with the bear. Tight editing will also help make this great, but adding those effects is like apply proper punctuation to your sentences; people will notice that you care about telling a great story.

Adorage effects aren’t just for sharing travel narratives. The package includes romantic clips for sharing weddings and special occasions. Holiday images are included for most of the festive seasons throughout the year. Family-fun effects are included for making creative videos with kids. Birthdays are another occasion that benefit from Adorage effects. And there are dozens of general purpose clips that could apply to virtually any occasion when they help advance your story.

Adorage 13 effects collage

Adorage Effects Package 13 is available for immediate purchase and download from proDAD. You can request a free trial to test out some of the effects before you buy. For a limited time, you can get the package at a special introductory price of $79.