Chris Pirillo’s Home Office Tour – 2012

Every year, Chris Pirillo takes us on a tour of his humble homestead, complete with the hidden geek bunker from whence he broadcasts new episodes of TLDR [The LockerGnome Daily Report, aka Too Long; Didn’t Read] every weekday. If you’re curious about the gadgets, gizmos, toys, action figures, myriad LEGO assemblies, Darth Vader collections, Muppets, and other doodads that decorate the world of Pirillo, this video will take you behind the scenes to witness it all for yourself.

If you’re a daily (or even occasional) viewer of TLDR, you’re probably very familiar with the one camera angle Chris uses to broadcast his alternately smiling, scowling, gleeful, grimacing, and sometimes manic mug to the world. He may lean in to share a confidence or conspiracy with you, or lean back to pontificate wisely on some matter of tech magnitude, but you’re basically getting a pretty uniform presentation without too many special effects or funny business beyond Chris’ delivery (which can get quite silly). You already know about the TIX Binary Style LED Color Changing Random Pattern clocks that overlook the whole affair, the Electric Sheep screen saver, and the Grahl Synchron 8 office chair (which is, sadly, no longer in production).

Maybe you’ve wondered what some mysterious object looming in the background in the shadow of one of his three monitors is with an obsession akin to Face on Mars and Loch Ness Monster watchers. Is that a yeti lurking in the cubby, the ghost of Festivus past, or just a wayward dust bunny that Chris forgot to banish before pressing the record button? In response to a commenter on the YouTube page for this video who says that he should get his girlfriend to clean his desk because “it’s filthy,” Chris writes: “I know, it’s messy. However, I’ll clean my own desk, thanks. Apologies for the mess.”

If it’s not just good old-fashioned grime adorning the desks and bookshelves of the home office, it’s probably a Kindle in need of a recharge or a hard drive or a TENORI-ON or something with wires or batteries or LEDs. The guy’s got more old tech sitting around his living space than you’d find in a Jawa droid repo lot. You’ll see.

Touring the Gnome Office: 2012 EditionIf you’re a Vader hater, then you’ll want to fast forward over the part where he introduces you to his shelf full of various manifestations of the Artist Formerly Known as Anakin. You might be more inclined to cozy up to the weird Muppet that bears an uncanny resemblance to Chris (sitting on the sidelines in case Chris has to call in sick to TLDR and needs a replacement for the day).

Maybe you’ll enjoy the original Party Crasher painting by Chris’ favorite artist (and Seattle local) Justin Hillgrove that decks the home office wall. Or perhaps you’ll be kept fearfully at bay by the army of stormtroopers that vigilantly guards his television from Rebel Alliance scum — but probably not, because the stormtroopers tend to bust moves like some kind of Imperial Village People, which is hardly a display that strikes one’s spine with bone-chilling terror.

Maybe they’re just using their downtime to practice for the hit show Dancing with the Death Stars?

In any case, getting a peek at the environment that Chris has cultivated for maximum comfort as his Fortress of Geekitude may provide you with some insight — perhaps a bit too much insight, some might say — into the eccentric LockerGnome figurehead who we’ve come to know and love over the years. Think you can handle it? Put on your protective Boba Fett helmet and join us for the tour!