Are you following too many people on Twitter? If your Twitter stream is too noisy, or you’ve started building lists to filter out the overwhelming bustle of the hundreds or thousands of Twitter users you follow but don’t want to actually “listen” to, it might be time to unfollow some of these Twitter users. If you want to unfollow Twitter users in bulk, there are several great apps that can help you with this process. Here are a few of our favorite apps that can help you unfollow Twitter users in bulk.

Tweet Adder
This tool is desktop-based software that does much more than just offer the ability for Twitter users to unfollow other Twitter users. With Tweet Adder, you can take control over much of your Twitter activity; it includes the ability to automate tweets, DMs, and who you follow — as well as who you unfollow. The key feature you may be looking for, of course, is the ability to unfollow other Twitter users. Tweet Adder features the ability to unfollow all Twitter users you are currently following except your personal white list (which is a list of Twitter users to never unfollow). Other parameters allow you to unfollow Twitter users by #, follower-to-follow ratios, or users who do not follow back within certain time frames. Tweet Adder comes with a one-time price tag of $55 for use with one Twitter account, which isn’t bad considering the additional search and automated features that come with Tweet Adder.

Are you wasting your Twitter following and follower ratio with Twitter users who don’t actually use Twitter? Untweeps is a free and simple app that uses Twitter oAuth to log you in and the API to automatically allow you to unfollow Twitter users whom you follow but don’t tweet. Keep in mind, though, that some of these users may be following you to glean interesting analysis and content, and may be offended if you remove the reciprocity just because they don’t use Twitter the same way as you do. That said, if you like to use Twitter to engage with other Twitter users, Untweeps is not a bad choice if you’re looking for a free option.

How to Unfollow Twitter Users in BulkTwerpScan
Another free app that allows you to unfollow Twitter users you are following in bulk is TwerpScan. This app also uses oAuth to connect you with your account and displays 250 Twitter users you are following at a time. You can sort users by column depending on whether you want to see users by screen name, how many followers they have, how many they are following, their number of tweets, or date they last tweeted. If any of this data is important to you in determining who to unfollow, TwerpScan is a great option for its price (free) and helps you ensure you don’t remove too many followers too fast, which can cause Twitter to block your account temporarily. However, if you’re looking to remove Twitter users who are simply not following you back, TwerpScan won’t really make your task any easier.

TwitCleaner is one of my favorite free tools. This app takes a few minutes to generate its analysis, but after you grant authorization, you’ll receive a DM with a link to a report that shows you how many Twitter users you are following who are either trying to sell you crap, bombarding you with with multiple @ mentions, only tweeting links, repeating the same URLs in their tweets, posting identical tweets, are perpetrating app spam, using advertising networks, using “other dodgy behavior,” haven’t had any Twitter activity in over a month, have fewer than one tweet, don’t interact with anyone, or are bots. Via this report, you can choose which of these followers who engage in this behavior you want to unfollow. Simply click on their avatar and they’ll be unfollowed “soon.” (You can even click-drag or Ctrl-A to select them all.) Just be aware that unfollowing too many people at once can cause your account to be suspended by Twitter. We’re not sure exactly what the limit is, so tread carefully with this app.

With Refollow, a Web-based app that also uses Twitter oAuth, you can easily unfollow or block users using a wide range of search criteria. Simply sign in with Twitter and choose whether you want to sort followers who are following you, not following you, who have pictures, or who you have followed within a certain range of days. With these search features, it’s easy to choose who you want to unfollow based on certain criteria, especially if you want to unfollow anyone who is not following you back. Refollow only allows users to unfollow the first 100 for free, but for $10 per month, you can unfollow up to 150 Twitter users a day for one account, which is a perfect amount without potentially raising a red flag with Twitter.

Manage Flitter
Manage Flitter is one of the most popular Twitter management tools on the market. Its key feature is a list of those who you are following but are not following you back, with the option to select each user and unfollow them. As mentioned earlier, unfollowing hundreds of Twitter users at a time can cause your account to be flagged by Twitter, so be careful with how many you unfollow in one session. You can also use Manage Flitter to sort Twitter users by their lack of avatar, their activity level, how talkative or quiet they are, and by searching for bio key words. The app is free, but a pro mode (which costs $12 a month for one Twitter account) allows you to white list certain users so you never accidentally unfollow them, see which of your followers you aren’t following back, use additional filtering options, track who has unfollowed you, and unfollow others without a limit. (The standard free version allows up to 1000 unfollows a day, which seems like more than enough.) Unlike Refollow, Manage Flitter does all the filtering for you, which is a nice feature if you’re looking to unfollow certain types of users.

Are you looking for a simple, fast, and free way to easily get rid of all of the Twitter users who you are following but aren’t following you back? Tweepi’s “flush” feature is a free way to see who is not reciprocating your follows and unfollow these Twitter users with just a few clicks. The app also allows you to reciprocate follows, so you don’t look like the jerk, and find new Twitter users to follow. Tweepi doesn’t feature many other filters, but for those looking to clean up their feed with just these key features, it doesn’t get much easier.

If you’re looking for another tool like Tweepi that can find Twitter users who aren’t following you back to help you unfollow these users in bulk, Just Unfollow is also a great choice.

You may have heard about some social media experts and gurus like Chris Brogan recently unfollowing everyone on their Twitter account. If (for some odd reason) you have a similar problem and are also following too many accounts, you may want to consider SocialOomph’s professional program, which features the capability to unfollow very Twitter user you are following and start fresh. It isn’t very clear on what its pricing structure is, but if this is a feature you desperately need, be sure to let us know your thoughts about SociaOomph’s program.

Do you need to unfollow Twitter users in bulk? If you already do, what is your favorite app or tool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.