Anyone these days — from the young kid to the old-timer — can be a blogger. Everyone wants to be an award-winning machine of exquisite content creation who will be the envy of his or her peers, but there’s a lot of noise out there in the blogosphere and it’s tough to stand out in the crowd.

If you want to focus on being a good blogger and write posts that people want to care about, you must first look at what not to do when composing a blog post. I believe that once you know what not to do, you can avoid these content-crushing steps and just focus on doing the opposite.

When reading what not to do, consider how often you see these mistakes being made — and learn from them. I like to think that I’ve improved the quality of my own blogging by recognizing these common missteps when made by others and working hard to avoid them. Granted, blog posts are varied by type and content, so I’ll try to make these as generalized as I can so that not only tech bloggers can benefit from this advice, but bloggers from every field.

Present opinions as though they are facts.

One of the biggest problems many bloggers have is that they simply don’t know anything about the subject they’re writing about. Rather than doing anything approaching solid research (that’s hard work!) to back up their assertions, they’ll just fill up their posts with any old nonsense and half-baked opinions to meet their word quota and move on to the next batch of misinformation to feed their (probably very small) readership.

But making it clear that you’re just presenting opinions as though they are facts — especially on a regular basis — will hurt your credibility and diminish whatever readership you might have accumulated. Accuracy counts, and people will notice when you’re just making things up to fill empty blog space!

If you’re writing publicly about someone in your private life, don’t get their permission first.

What’s not to love about having your dirty laundry aired for all the world to see?

Blog something that anybody else could have written, devoid of personal voice.

Parrots belong in jungles and on the shoulders of pirates.

Don’t disclose business relationships.

If you’re getting paid to say something nice about a product, why bother letting your readership know anything about this arrangement?

Don’t be interested in what you’re writing about.


Don’t make a point or have a reason to write in the first place.

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