Gaming on the iPhone is growing rapidly and, as it does, so do the games available for the device. Games can range from intense action thrillers to simple puzzle games that help pass the time. By now, we all know the most popular game for the iPhone is Angry Birds. I cannot lie that the knock-them-down bird game is highly addicting. It’s one of the must-have games for the iPhone and, by now, if you own an iPhone, you probably have it. This article will not only go over the most popular of gaming apps, but some of the more obscure (but equally addicting) apps available.

Top 10 Gaming iPhone AppsAngry Birds: As already stated, Angry Birds is one of the most highly addicting games that I’ve ever played on the iPhone. This bird-based game is so simple and yet so addicting at the same time. The objective of the game is to destroy structures with different types of birds. There have been many iterations of this game based on different seasons and movies.

Cut the Rope: This is another game that is puzzle-based and simple to play. The objective of Cut the Rope is to feed a small monster peppermints by a series of ropes. Coming in both a free and paid version, this game is highly addicting. I’ve lost many hours of sleep playing Cut the Rope in bed before shutting down for the night.

Harbor Master: This boating game is a dragging puzzle; the objective is to guide boats to the dock without being crashed into. This game also comes with both free and paid versions, where the paid version features more than one map — ranging from only two ports to more challenging seascapes with obstacles and multiple ports.

Flick Home Run: This is a personal favorite for me. Flick Home Run is a great batting game that takes both skill and speed. The objective of the game is to use your finger to hit balls being pitched at you and get them to fly as far as they’ll go to earn the most points. This is an enjoyable one-finger playable game that is a side scroller.

Fruit Ninja: I’ve enjoyed Fruit Ninja, and who wouldn’t? Doesn’t everyone enjoy watching fruit explode as it’s sliced through? The objective is to cut as many pieces of fruit before time runs out. It has different game modes based on if you want to play against time or avoid bombs.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: With Minecraft blooming into a very popular desktop game, the developers at Mojang produced an iPhone version that just recently got updated to include both survival and creative worlds. Minecraft is just one of those games that you either like or you don’t. The objective behind the game is to mine different elements and use them to build whatever your heart desires. Currently it doesn’t support connecting to servers, so you’re just left with playing it in single player mode.

Top 10 Gaming iPhone AppsWorld of Goo: I can’t begin to tell you how much hair I’ve pulled out playing World of Goo. This mental game of building structures to be free-standing with goo really puts your brain to the test on how to build without making anything fall down. You’ve got to know how to be proportional and sparing with how you build your structures without having them fall or implode. It definitely tests your brain’s ability to think five to six moves ahead to avoid collapsing your structure.

Bungee Ball: This is another one of my must-have iPhone games. It’s a simple game of a ball attached to a puck that uses physics to push the ball and break other balls in order by number. With multiple levels in ever-increasing difficulty and situations, it’s a great game for keeping the brain sharp with problem-solving skills and a little bit of luck.

Top 10 Gaming iPhone AppsTemple Run: This is one that you just can’t put down; it’s an intense running game where your goal is to collect coins and avoid obstacles without being chased down by the mutant monkeys that are chasing you. Temple Run is quickly becoming as popular as Angry Birds because of its simplicity and intuitiveness to play.

iSlash: This game was recommended to me by Chris Pirillo and I couldn’t put it down after I started playing it. The objective is to cut down pieces of a block while keeping objects inside of it, making the object smaller and smaller until it covers a predetermined area.

These are just a few of the many games available on the iOS platform, and there are a lot more that I haven’t named here that are just as good. If you think that there’s an app that should be here or you’d like to recommend one to use, comment below!