Mobile productivity is on the rise and mobile phones are starting to turn into mobile offices. Productivity apps keep getting better and making our lives easier. For example, I have a remote morning meeting that I have to attend every day; sometimes I can’t get on my computer to attend it, so I use the mobile app to connect to the meeting. It’s apps like these that let us access our computers and file systems on the go that make us able to collaborate from anywhere. I know that I can’t get a lot of my work done without productivity apps like that.

In my experience with literally hundreds of downloaded apps from the iTunes App Store, I’ve come across a number of favorites to cover just about anything that you could throw in my direction. Today we’re talking about productivity apps and I have the top ten apps that you should look at and consider integrating into your daily life. (Some of these apps may also be available on Android or have close competitors.)

Evernote is one of LockerGnome’s most recommended apps out there; I don’t know how many times we’ve talked about it now, but we’re going to talk about it at least one more time. Evernote keeps popping up in our list because it’s simply an amazing cloud app that has desktop interfaces with Windows and OS X. There are also iPad and iPhone versions that sync to the cloud to always keep information up to date. If we haven’t convinced you to use it by now, I’m not sure how else to entice you aside from reminding you that it’s completely free and you won’t lose a thing if you decide that it’s just not right for you — which, I have to add, is unlikely!

Dropbox is another one of those apps that keep coming up because it’s just so good. To keep documents, presentations, photos, and so much more backup on the cloud, check out Dropbox and its amazing ability to let you sync and upload documents from your mobile device to the cloud service. It’s so convenient to drag a presentation into the synced folder and moments later have it available on Dropbox to view anywhere. I personally find it easier than emailing myself documents because of the versatility it has with accessing content. I can drag my work documents from my work computer and easily have them available on my personal computer when it gets all synced up. If you don’t have the permission to install the desktop app, don’t worry. There’s an intuitive Web interface that is easy to navigate and use for receiving files.

Google Voice helps me keep work callers from getting my real phone number. Google’s free voice calling service has a native app for the iPhone and lets users text message and call others straight from the app using their Google Voice number instead of their personal number. I love Google Voice because I can give out that number instead of my personal number and have controls on when people can call me and where it rings. This app is great for those who can’t afford to have a work and personal phone and want to combine both of them.

Dragon Dictation is for those who need to use voice recognition to dictate emails, essays, or papers without typing on the iPhone screen. It’s great for those on the go who need to draft up a writing piece quickly and hassle free. The power of the Dragon Dictation app is that it gives you everything that you’ll find in the desktop software and more. Dragon Dictation uses the latest in technology to decode your speech and give you a nice layout of what it thinks that you said. “Dragon Dictation is incredibly easy and remarkably accurate. I use it when I need to get a large amount of information written while out and about,” says my LockerGnome cohort Matt Ryan, who uses Dragon Dictation on a frequent basis. Dragon also produces Dragon Go, which is a basic replacement for Siri.

Genius Scan is that pocket scanner that everyone eventually needs in their life. Let’s say that you had to leave class or a meeting before it ended and you needed a copy of notes that were taken. Instead of having someone copy them for you, you could use Genius Scan to take a picture and it would automatically scan the document into your computer. As Chris Pirillo puts it, you need to think of it “less like a computer and more like a pocket PC.” Chris is right when he says that today, our iPhones are more than just phones but entire personal computers in our pockets.

JotNot Scanner is another one of those pocket scanner apps that you can use to take pictures of documents and have them scan into your phone. From there you can share the documents to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, and more sharing services — even faxing. JotNot has many more advanced features in it, like image correction to make sure a scanned document is fully readable.

iTalk Recorder is for those who like taking audio notes or recording lectures. This full-featured recording app allows the recorder to choose quality and manage all recordings. iTalk has very easy controls for anyone to get up and recording in seconds. It supports iTunes file sharing, noise cancellation, and management areas.

Skyfire is a personal favorite of my productivity apps. It’s meant to replace the default Safari app and integrate more social aspects and even give you access to Flash content (you know. If you’re into that sort of thing — some of the websites that I have to frequently visit include Flash content). Because the iPhone doesn’t fully support Flash, Skyfire made it easy to access most Flash content from the app.

Gmail for those who hate the Mail app and have a Gmail account, this application is great for managing your Gmail account with added features and settings. The Gmail app acts just like the Mail app with notifications and threaded conversations. The Gmail app is a great replacement if you use Gmail and don’t want to use the Mail app.

TeamViewer lets users access computers on the go from their phone where the software is installed. TeamViewer is the top remote desktop app that doesn’t require you to open up any ports or services. The remote app is a set and forget app on your computer to access.

That’s our top list for the productivity apps that you should be looking at when you’re trying to streamline your process. Of course, we can’t go over everything that is in the iTunes App Store or this article would be way too long. But, if you have anything to suggest as a great productivity app, leave a comment!