Who needs a big, bulky camera anymore when you have an iPhone with an amazing internal camera? Well, me, because I’m a photographer. But for the more casual shutterbugs out there, the iPhone is good enough for taking snapshots to share with friends and family. The default Camera app on the iPhone is okay if you’re into boring, lifeless pictures; what everyone really needs is a great camera app that lets you edit and add enhancements to a photo. Since the inception of the App Store, photography apps that bring more advanced features to the basic iPhone camera have been popular. Camera apps these days can enhance your pictures with advanced controls that you once could only find in professional (and often expensive) photo-editing software like Photoshop. They’re great to use whenever you need to take a quick picture and touch it up.

There are a lot of apps out there to enhance your iPhone’s camera and create some stunning pictures. We’re only going over the top 10 of my personal favorites; there are many more beyond these.


Top 10 Photography iPhone AppsInstagram is a fun application for taking pictures and adding filters to any photo you take. I’m an avid user of Instagram; I love snapping photos and applying Instagram’s different filters to them to see how they’ll turn out. This service not only captures your pictures and enhances them with filters but it also hosts the pictures and shares them out to major social networks.


Camera+, a paid app, expands on the default Camera app and makes it about a million times better. As a personal user of Camera+ on a daily basis, I’m always grateful for its features like image stabilization and correction controls. The app is a very powerful image editor in your pocket that saves directly to your phone. It has even more features like zooming, geotagging, grids, and more. Camera+ is a full-featured application for casual to even more experienced photographers.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express — that’s right! Photoshop is on the iPhone and iPad. While Photoshop Express is more for editing than taking pictures, it’s full featured and provides great tools for tweaking images on the fly and creating some breathtaking edited photos. This free app can do things like reduce noise, add borders, zoom, crop, and rotate photos. Everything that you’d need to edit photos semi-professionally is inside of the Photoshop Express app.


Top 10 Photography iPhone AppsViddy is like Instagram for video; it features filters and editing tools to correct video. I’ve used Viddy a couple of times and have enjoyed using it. Just like with Instagram, you can host the video on the service and then share the link out to friends and followers to be able to watch. It’s essentially Instagram in every way with correction utilities and filters to enhance the look of the video.


Photosynth is an application made by Microsoft that creates panorama pictures. The app is pretty simple to use; by just taking a lot of photos around you and placing them into a virtual 3D world, the application will stitch them together and create a panoramic photo that is sharable to different social media services like Facebook.


Flickr lets users browse the popular photo sharing website in a nice, clean mobile interface. Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo!, is one of the most popular photo websites out there. The app allows you to browse the website and see slideshows of all the people who you follow in a nice presentation. The app also allows you to directly upload to the service when you have a new photo that you want to share. Even though it looks pretty outdated, I think that Flickr is still the best website for storing all of your photos so far.

TiltShift Generator

Top 10 Photography iPhone AppsTiltShift Generator is a great app suggested to me recently that takes an ordinary photo and makes it look like a miniature scene. This process is called tilt shifting, which basically modifies the field of vision of a photo. This process will blur parts of the photo and create a single thin line of the picture that is in focus, which tricks the eye into thinking that the picture is in miniature.

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch seems to be a rising fad for people who take photos on their iPhones. It will basically take multiple photos and put them into a single photo with boxes separating them. I’ve seen this happening on Instagram where someone will take multiple photos of the same type of object and mash them together. Pic Stitch comes with some default layout options, and more can be purchased in-app.


Postagram is like Instagram with a twist. The twist is that you can have your photos physically sent to you. The postcard that comes with your photo on it is removable and can be hung up anywhere. For only $0.99, any photo in your collection on Instagram, your album, or Facebook can be sent to you or anyone else in your contact list.

PopBooth Photo Booth

Top 10 Photography iPhone AppsPopBooth Photo Booth is exactly like Postagram, but it assembles photos into the old-fashioned photo booth, long strip format. Instead of getting just one photo like Postagram offers, you get eight in two separate strips of four. Although it costs $2.99 to send the post card over the $0.99 from Postagram, it’s still well worth it.

These apps are just a small selection of the vast quantity out there available for download and purchase. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!