Did you know that your iPhone can play music? We use the iPhone for everything under the sun, but the one thing that is commonly neglected is using it for music (oh, and phone calls). The iPhone derives from the iPod, which was made for music listening. I even have an iPhone and I find that I rarely use my music app or any other applications unless I’m in the car driving somewhere.

I always love listening to music; right now as I’m writing this article I’m listening to music. For me, music helps me focus on the task at hand and gives me a beat to type to. Being an amateur audiophile, I’ve collected and tested out many iPhone apps related to music. Today, I’ve gathered up my favorite iPhone apps and give you my recommendations.

Pandora Radio

Top 10 Music iPhone AppsOne of the most popular radio apps on the Web, Pandora lets users create radio stations based on specific genres or artists. For the longest time, Pandora was my radio that I used on a daily basis because I didn’t have to pick out song by song and it was totally free. I usually just set it and listened away. It does offer a subscription service for the online version that trickles down to the iPhone and gives you no ads and a high quality audio option. Pandora is great for the user who just wants to listen to a genre and not mess with it.


Currently, Spotify is my music application; it lets me create custom playlists with music of my choice and it does so with amazing audio quality. Although the desktop version of Spotify is free to use, to have access to the mobile app you have to be a Spotify subscriber — which isn’t too expensive. Coming in an only a few dollars a month, Spotify subscriptions take away the ads that you hear periodically and give you full access to the mobile app. If you’re a user of Spotify on a daily basis, you should look into signing up for a subscription like me — and support what you love.


Do you ever hear your favorite song come over the radio, but don’t know the name of it? I’ve done this many times and with Shazam, you can take a small sampling of the music being played and it could come back with a result of the song. There’s always that one song that I hear out in public that I can’t just put my finger on but I want to add it to my playlist; using the app, I’ve been able to ID almost every song that I’ve tried with only a couple of exceptions. The app works fairly well and gives you links to both the Amazon MP3 Store and iTunes for the song it IDs for you. If you need to go back and see what a song that you IDed was, the app keeps a history to reference later. I’ve tested the app in both crowded and loud places as well as quieter ones and the app works the same all around.

Slacker Radio

Another great radio app that I’ve used, Slacker Radio creates personalized playlists for you of songs that fit into your musical tastes. I’ve heard Slacker Radio outperform Pandora in some aspects by creating customized radio stations of the music that I like. Slacker Radio claims that it has the biggest music library out there to listen from and it’s got hand-picked genre stations that give you the option to customize them to your tastes. This app, like the others, have subscription options that unlock even more features.

8tracks Radio

This is a new app that I’ve recently been turned on to; it brings a more social aspect to creating radio stations. Playing around with the app, I’ve found some pretty good stations for following DJs and listening to music playlists. It claims to be like Pandora but brings it to a social setting. 8tracks Radio is curated by users and lets you search by genre and even mood. If you feel in a down mood, you can pick something happy or vice versa.

Magic Piano

I don’t know about you, but when I was little I always loved playing on the piano and bashing my hands down on the keys, trying to make music. Magic Piano gives you a virtual piano to bash your fingers on and attempt to create music. It has a free play mode, but it also has songs that you can learn to play and helps guide you along. Check out Magic Piano and try playing a masterpiece on it.


We aren’t always the best of singers; I know that I’m not overly amazing when I sing. Songify is basically auto tune for the iPhone. The directions are simple: Speak into the iPhone and it’ll transform your voice into that of a singing music star. It’s very entertaining to listen to what my voice sounds like after it’s been modified. Check it out and make the next hit song with the assistance of your iPhone.


Mixplay is a recently discovered app that does more with just music: it creates a game out of it. The game is simple. While a song is playing, you have to take scattered about words and put them together before the song ends to make the title of the song. It’s a brilliant puzzle-type game that has some physics involved when moving the pieces — and you can even challenge your friends.


Apple’s desktop music editing software is now on the iPhone and iPad. It features virtual instruments that you can play and helps you compose music on the go. Coming in at a pricy $4.99 for the app, it’s not cheap, but it’s very powerful and has its perks. The app on the iPad is stunning and looks exactly like the Mac version and functions like it, allowing you to record instruments directly to the iPad.

gMusic: a Google Music player

Last but not least, Google Music has become a big hit around the Internet to store your music and play it on your computer and everywhere else. I have put my whole music collection into the cloud and Google Music makes it easy to upload and retrieve it any time I need it. This $1.99 app interfaces well with Google Music and lets you stream directly to your iPhone.