YouVersion: One Bible App Covers All VersionsLast Monday evening, I overheard a conversation between two of the men in my weekly group. They were discussing the merits of the different Bible translations and which one they would choose to use to get the most knowledgeable information about certain subjects. During the course of their conversation, one of the individuals mentioned an application that he used on his Android called YouVersion. Since I had never heard of this Bible app, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to investigate it further. However, I had misheard the name of the application, thinking that he had called it Uvers — not YouVersion — so when I entered the keyword into Google, there were no hits. Anyone who knows me is aware that, if anything, this minor inconvenience just made me more determined to find out what this application offered!

So, it didn’t take long for me to discover the unique and special ways that YouVersion works and which devices are designed to support it.

It appears that the developers of the YouVersion Bible were serious in its development, making sure that the application would be supported by a variety of devices and operating systems, including:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Palm WebOS
  • Java
  • Symbian
  • Mobile Web

So what makes the YouVersion application different from other Bible applications?

YouVersion: One Bible App Covers All Versions

  • First, YouVersion is free — no matter the device on which you choose to install the application.
  • Second, YouVersion isn’t just another translation of the Bible, but rather offers the reader the opportunity to view any of over 20 different English Bible translations, including everything from the King James version to the Message (a contemporary translation), all within the same application.
  • If English is not your language, the application is even designed to provide translations of these same versions in 22 different languages.
  • For those of us with poor eyesight, the individuals behind this mighty Bible resource tool included the ability to change font size and background color. including a ‘night’ version to make reading in low light easier.

YouVersion: One Bible App Covers All Versions

  • Surprisingly, it even includes an audio capability designed to allow the user to listen to the Bible while they drive or perform other duties.
  • I haven’t found a translation that is easier to use. This free application makes it possible for the novice to quickly change from version to version on the fly, providing different translations in an easy-to-use format.

However, the feature that really blew me away and made YouVersion so attractive to me was the simplicity with which the user can select a book of the Bible, then a chapter, and finally the verse — making it a snap to navigate all the books of the Bible.

YouVersion: One Bible App Covers All Versions

Other features I find useful and enjoyable include:

  • The ability to send┬áBible quotations of your choosing to Facebook, Twitter, email, text, or other sources.
  • The option to listen to verses that are read to you.
  • The resource inclusions that allow the reader to select reading plans that will best fit into their schedule or the ability to customize a plan unique for them.
  • The inclusion of a Bible concordance and cross check reference guide that provides results, in just seconds, when searching for a topic, a word, phrase, or verse for your next paper or sermon.
  • A note feature that provides a journal for your private thoughts or thoughts you wish to share with others.
  • From this far-reaching application, I was further pleased to note that you can download some of the included versions directly onto your device so that you can read the Bible when an Internet connection is not available — such as when on an airplane or outside of your network coverage.
  • Last, I was impressed that the designers also included the ability to bookmark your favorite Bible verses for later retrieval.

YouVersion: One Bible App Covers All Versions

In my opinion, what makes this application one of the best Bible applications is due to its sheer simplicity and availability. In fact, some are calling this application the Jesus Phone, insinuating that all you have to do to connect to Christ while you drive or move through your day is to simply turn on your phone or other mobile device.

So, for those of you who spend your excess time surfing the Internet, why not try surfing the YouVersion application for the Bible? You could easily find it both refreshing and a way to connect with that part of yourself that you have been looking for. Remember, there is never a price too high for peace of mind, but using this application may not only bring you that peace, but won’t cost you anything.

Get your free YouVersion Bible app from here.

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