PC to Mac or Mac to PC: Have You Changed?First of all, this is not going to be a Mac vs. PC article, because personally I believe we each have our own preference — and that’s fine. I use Windows 7 on my desktop and laptop systems, I have one older machine running Windows XP, I’ve got iOS on my iPad, and a tablet that runs on Android — and I enjoy using all of them. I have found that all of these systems have their good and bad points that give the user a unique experience. What brought this subject back into the limelight was a question posted in Gnomies in conjunction with a question I posted:

Has anyone switched from a Mac to a PC and why? Algernon Parker recently asked the question about those switching from a PC to a Mac. I thought it would be interesting to see if any Mac users have converted to using a PC.

Here are some of the responses I received.

Zach Bornheimer:

There would only be one reason that anyone would convert to a PC: native software. Usually it’s a one way conversion street. 😛

Adam Taylor:

As a graphic designer, I was told way back when that, in order to be taken seriously, I was going to have to become a Mac user. Now it’s 10+ years later and I call bullsh*** on that statement. I am an Apple enthusiast and I will argue with anyone who says that PCs are better — however, I know that’s just a matter of opinion. Graphics software works just as good on either platform. It’s just all about user experience and interface design. I do prefer OS X to Windows.

Aaron Raimist:

You would never need to switch to a PC because Macs can run Windows.

These are excellent points well worth considering for anyone thinking of switching from Mac to a PC. On the flip side, those who have switched from PC to Mac are a more passionate bunch and expressed some valid opinions of their own:

Anthony Wadley:

I am in the process of switching from PC to Mac. There are several reasons that I have made the jump. First, I have two iPads, two iPod touches, an iPod Classic, an iPod nano, and a Mac. iTunes runs better and faster on a Mac because it was designed for OS X and adjusted to work for PC. I started switching to Mac by purchasing a used Mac mini to see if I would like OS X. After only a couple of days I was ready to made the full switch. Mac seems to me to be more stable and better built than any PC that I have owned up to this point. My transformation from PC to Mac will take several years as I will not throw money away; however, as my PCs fail, I will replace them with their Mac equivalent.

Thomas Corbett:

I just switched about two weeks ago, mostly because everyone I talked to loved Mac. I was looking to get a desktop computer, so I bought a Mac mini. To me, OS X works a lot better than Windows, and is a lot faster than my Windows laptop.

Alberto Serafin Lopez:

I switched to a Mac mini running Tiger because I felt like Microsoft screwed me with the empty promises of Windows Vista “Ultimate” edition.

I know exactly what Alberto is saying. Microsoft promised those of us who bought Vista Ultimate that we were going to be able to enjoy a long list of amazing benefits when, in fact, the only enhancement I recall was being able to install the card game Texas Hold’em. Many users felt betrayed by the lack of extras that Microsoft had promised. For some, like Chris, Vista was enough to push them over to becoming Apple users. See links below for Chris’s expert advice.

I bought a new laptop when Vista was first introduced. And while I was fortunate enough to avoid a lot of the problems that others reported having with Vista, I was eager to see how Windows 7 would address these problems. When the time came, I did a clean install of my Vista machine and updated to Windows 7. I must admit that Windows 7 performs very well on my system and yes, it is better than Vista in many aspects. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.

But aren’t all of these comments just nothing more than personal opinions — opinions that have been developed over the years as people have used either a Mac or PC to satisfy their needs or become disappointed when such needs aren’t met?

Now that some of us have taken the plunge and purchased an Apple iPad tablet or maybe an Android-based tablet, or an Apple iPhone or Android-based smartphone, won’t the opinions continue to develop for these products as well? Before I am accused of being a Windows zealot or an Apple fanboy, let me say this: My wife absolutely loves her Apple iPad and would be lost without her toy. When I am able to pry it from her hands, I must admit that Apple has made a great product and the iPad is arguably the best tablet currently on the market. Yet I personally like my Amazon Kindle Fire and use it every day without issue. In addition, my Android smartphone serves me well and 4G speed is one reason I like using it.

So the bottom line, in my opinion, is this: Enjoy the product you prefer and understand that trying to convince — and convert — others to your way of thinking may be a futile effort.

Comments, as always, are welcome.