One of the best parts of the iPhone is the GPS feature; it has helped me countless times to find my way. The default map app is all right at its best, but that’s why we have the App Store. I’ve had my share of downloading and testing navigation apps, and I’ve come up with my top 10 list of navigation apps that you should download and try out.

Top 10 Navigation iPhone AppsWaze GPS & Traffic — Social and Fun!
Waze is my go-to GPS navigation application; by far it’s the best application that I’ve used for the iPhone. It combines the use of navigation and reporting to help find the best way to your destination and be alerted to any police in the area or accidents. I like this application and found it easy to use with clear voice navigation that alerts you ahead of time so that you know where to be. Waze is available for free and is full featured.

MapQuest 4 Mobile
MapQuest is another great voice-guided GPS program that integrates turn-by-turn directions and live traffic. What I love about MapQuest is its great live traffic recording and ability to multi-task and make calls while it tells you where to go. The app is great for finding places around your area and getting turn-by-turn directions. What it lacks though is a 3D driving map that, I believe, would be more helpful in figuring out where you need to be.

Top 10 Navigation iPhone AppsGPS by TeleNav
This app by TeleNav is currently at the top of the charts for the iTunes App Store. I’ve had limited testing with this application, but found that it works quite well. The application features 3D maps, live traffic, and rerouting when you miss a turn. This is the everyday application that gives you audio alerts and finds the nearest cross streets. The gas price finder and discover feature to find restaurants are a couple of very useful additions. This app, although free, has advanced in-app purchases for one year or 30 days of access.

Navigation by TeleNav
Navigation by TeleNav is the paid version to TeleNav’s GPS free app; this app features more voice navigation options and spoken commands. One of the best parts of this application is the ability to speak your commands to control it. I can tell the app where I want to go with my voice and it’ll set me up where I want to go. This app, like the others, can help you in your morning commute with traffic alerts.

Top 10 Navigation iPhone AppsGeocaching
Geocaching is a worldwide sensation with over a million items hidden. This app finds geocaching locations nearby and helps navigate you to where they are. It’s very exciting for someone to go in search of the treasure and see what’s inside. Finding the treasure is classified with the difficulty between one and five stars — one star being very easy and five being difficult (and probably on top of a mountain).

MotionX GPS Drive
MotionX is the top rated iTunes paid app. What’s so good about this application is not only that it gives driving directions, but pedestrian directions as well for finding your way around almost any city. This app has tons of great features like multi-stop routing, voice navigation, local searches, and more. LockerGnome staffer Matt Ryan says, “MotionX has improved dramatically over the past year, including more features and better accuracy. I actually prefer it over the dedicated TomTom GPS. If there is one thing I would recommend to new users, it would be to get the voice package. It’s very cheap, and well worth the investment.”

Top 10 Navigation iPhone AppsTrapster
Like anyone else, most of us tend to go just a little over the speed limit. We all know that we do it, but sometimes we get caught in a speed trap. It’s hard to know exactly where the speed traps are going to be and how to avoid them. Trapster alerts you to upcoming speed traps and helps you to avoid them by rerouting you. Trapster runs on user submissions to help report where they are and the high traffic areas. Trapster also alerts to accidents, construction zones, road hazards, and speed cameras.

Beat the Traffic
Beat the Traffic does exactly what the app says it does: it helps you beat the traffic during your drive. It features maps that show speed limits and traffic incidents. It uses GPS to find where you are and detect traffic jams in your area. What’s also great is the ability to look up traffic cameras and get weather information for your commute.

Top 10 Navigation iPhone AppsWHERE
WHERE helps find nearby restaurants, stores, and more around your city. WHERE also lets you access special offers and deals. You can also save your favorite places and share them with friends. The application gives detailed information on local restaurants such as phone numbers and reviews. With one tap you can also access directions on how to get there.

This is another great application that helps you find where to go in the city where you live with directions and detailed information. HopStop has the advantage because it gives information on public transit, taxis, biking directions, and more in the US, Canada, and Europe. This application is a great GPS navigator for those who want to get around their city without a car but need the same detailed directions that a car’s GPS would offer.

Over all, these apps provide the best routes to get from where you are to where you need to go and everywhere in between. Check out any or all of these apps; you won’t be disappointed if you pick anything from this list. On the other side, if you think we forgot your favorite app, leave a comment below.