I don’t always follow sports, but when I do, I use my iPhone. It seems like there are a million and one apps to follow sports these days and a common question that I see floating around is how to follow these sports and get the latest updates. I admit that I’m not the biggest sports fan out there, but when I do follow sports, I usually look up everything on my iPhone. I find that I use my iPhone for everything these days; I even used it to follow the Super Bowl and even March Madness.

A great way of watching all the latest sporting news and events is WatchESPN; it can stream tons of shows directly to your iPhone. Access to WatchESPN is decided by your TV provider or Internet service provider. If you are a Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable, or Verizon FiOS TV customer you have access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU as part of your package. On the other side, if you use Verizon High Speed Internet, you have access to ESPN3.

ESPN ScoreCenter
If you’re looking for the latest score information on any sporting event, look no further. The app brings in score data from all of the major sports from around the country — even college sports. You can customize your app experience in the myTeams section where you can add all teams of your choosing. ScoreCenter helps keep track of what you like to follow in the sports world. I’ve used this app many times to keep track of games that I can’t watch on TV.

CBS Sports for iPhone
Just like the ESPN app, you have access to all the top sports scores and even information at your fingertips — including fantasy sports and sporting events. You can follow and even check in to games and follow conversations. The app includes game trackers and even live video streaming during seasonal football and basketball games. I love the app because I can follow conversations about an event and see live stats.

Team Stream
If you like to follow the biggest sports news, check out Team Stream (which is part of the Bleacher Report). The app helps you stay informed with your favorite teams through newest reports and real-time alerts. The app is nicely laid out with big pictures and a clean interface to read the latest stories. Like previous applications, you can customize to only follow the latest news on the teams that you want to see. This application is great for those who don’t want to look at sports stats but get down to the news part of the sports world.

FOX Sports Mobile
One of the most fully featured apps out there, FOX Sports Mobile follows the hottest professional and college games. The app provides comprehensive updates and gives you access to play-by-play reports; during a big event, you can even view what the field looks like on a virtual field. Along with the latest updates on games, you also have access to the latest sports news. The application is great to follow sports with a virtual field to see where players are and what sorts of plays are doing down.

Yahoo! Sportacular
If you want even more customization with notifications, check out this fabulous Yahoo! app. One of the center points around this app is that it will send you push notifications before and during a live event. With those push notifications you can get information on the latest sporting events and view them in a very nicely laid out interface. The app also includes Facebook integration for posting to your wall.

Yahoo! Sportacular Pro
For the more hardcore sports fan, check out the paid version to the Yahoo! app. It provides everything as the free Yahoo! app, except without the banner ads, and it includes customized alerts. Follow all the current sporting events and get the latest news at your fingertips.

ESPN Radio
Not much of a visual person? You can listen to live Internet radio broadcasts of the latest sports news anywhere you are. Along with listening to live stations, you can listen to podcasts and view upcoming shows right from within the app. You can even send your feedback through the application to the station you’re listening to and get mentioned on the air.

Probably one of the best apps that I’ve come across, ScoreMobile has everything that you could possibly need when following your sports. It recently went through a major redesign and an improved experience. If you can think of a sport, this app can probably find you the latest news and get you updates on scores from the games.

Paper Football 3D
Being classified in the sports section of the iTunes App Store, the classic game of paper football is being brought to the iPhone in a nice 3D interface to flick paper footballs into a goal. It’s a great game to practice how good you really are at making that goal.

Are you an iPhone-wielding sports fan? Tell us what apps you use to follow the latest sports!