We love Android — well, some of us do, anyways. If you thought we’d be all about iOS apps, you’re wrong; it’s just a little trickier to pick out our top Android apps because there are a lot of different Android devices, and this means that some of them won’t support some of the apps that we mention. We’ve done our best to pick out the apps that hit the largest variety of devices out there.

Top 10 Gaming Android AppsCut the Rope
We’ve seen this app get famous on the iOS platform and the same goes true for the Android Marketplace. Cut the Rope is one of the most popular apps for one easy-to-identify reason: simplicity. The objective of the game is to feed the little monster candy in some unique ways while collecting gold stars. The more gold stars you collect, the faster you can complete the level and move on to the next and harder set of challenges. The game is a simple puzzle-based game that is very intuitive and fun to play.

World of Goo
Another game that is famous over on the iOS side is World of Goo. This skill game tests your building skills to be able to build up a tower of goo balls to your target. The game is easy to play with one finger to drag and drop goo balls to form structures, but you have to watch out because gravity will take over and crumple your structure if it isn’t built right. The game is incredibly addicting — even in its simplicity, you can constantly experiment with new ways to build your towers of goo so it’s a new experience every time.

Top 10 Gaming Android AppsOsmos HD
I found this game randomly one day, but it’s a great one. The objective is to absorb or be absorbed by other organisms — the latter option being disastrous to you. The objective of the game is to eat the smaller organisms to grow bigger and, from there, eat even larger organisms and see how far you can get. Being a one-finger played game, it’s easy to set up and play while you’re out and need to waste a couple of minutes or hours. Made for both tablets and phones, this game has some great graphics and can be very addicting.

Flick Golf Extreme
Don’t know how to play golf in real life? Check out Flick Gold Extreme — and when it says extreme, it means EXTREME. All of the maps included in this app are out of this world and very fun to play when hitting the ball around. Virtual golf is so much better than real golf; the virtual maps are fun and crazy to complete. This game is so extreme that I doubt you could replicate these maps in real life. As the game quotes, “there are no rules, no clubs, and no laws…”

Top 10 Gaming Android AppsSprinkle
If you’ve ever played Angry Birds, this game is a unique take on the idea — at least in the way it plays. The objective is to shoot water out of your cannon and complete the level. The concept is the same as Angry Birds with a side scrolling map, but the way the game is played felt very different from those avians with issues. As you play the game you’re subjected to harder and harder levels to complete. These brain-teasing puzzles will keep you on your toes to figure out how to solve them in as few moves as possible.

Fruit Ninja
Consistently being one of our favorite apps, Fruit Ninja is an addicting game where you chop up fruit with your finger before the time runs out. Being one of my favorite games, you can level up and get more equipment as you play the game and earn more achievements. The game is great just to whip out and play during some down time. It’s a quick way to pass the time when you’re trying to chop up as many pieces of fruit as you can while avoiding those darn bombs.

Top 10 Gaming Android AppsMinecraft – Pocket Edition
Oh no, we’re talking about Minecraft again! By far one of the most popular modern 8-bit games, it’s now on your Android device and brings everything that you love with the desktop version to mobile. The game is easily controlled with a couple of taps to the screen and clicks on virtual buttons. The downside to the mobile version is that there’s no online server connectivity. That means that anything you build will be contained within the device.

Doodle Jump
This extremely addictive iOS game has made it to Android; its objective is to get to the top without falling back down. The game uses tilt physics to move from platform to platform as you make your way to the top. Your character can use springs, jet packs, and more to help you make it to the top.

Top 10 Gaming Android AppsBejeweled 2
This long-time popular game on the desktop has made its way to the mobile platform. It’s a pretty simple concept to move the jewels into a line of three or more to make them disappear. With a couple different game modes to play around with, between timed matches and unlimited matches, it’s a classic.

Plants Vs. Zombies
This is a surprisingly fun game that I found on the iOS platform that’s also available on the Android platform. The objective of the game is to defend your house with plants that have special abilities from… zombies. Your role is to keep the plants healthy and upgraded to protect your house. You can build up rows and rows of these plants to take down the zombies and keep your house safe. Over all, it’s a fun game that you probably need a little more time to sit down and play — but it’s a pleasure.

If you have an app that you think should be here, let us know in the comments!