We all love music — it makes the world go round. Sure, you can listen to music that you’ve loaded on to your device, but sometimes you don’t have a song that you like or need something a little more. The Android platform is great for playing music and enjoying the experience of the device; sometimes, though, we need more than just the stock music app. In this article, I’ve outlined some of the top music apps and music utilities that you can get on almost every Android device. This selection of apps is just limited to our top 10; if we could list every app that we like, we’d have an article a mile long. Today we’re keeping it short and sweet with our top 10 music apps on Android.

Pandora Internet Radio
Still one of the great music streaming services, Pandora is great for picking a music genre and letting it go to town picking out music to play for you. Pandora lets users create radio stations based on specific genres or artists. I usually just set it and listen away. It does offer a subscription service for the online version that trickles down to the iPhone and gives you no ads and a high quality audio option. Pandora is great for the user who just wants to listen to a genre and not mess with it.

Do you ever hear your favorite song come over the radio, but don’t know the name of it? I’ve done this many times and, with Shazam, you can take a small sampling of the music being played and it could come back with a result of the song. I’ve been able to ID almost every song that I’ve tried with only a couple of exceptions. The app works fairly well and gives you links to both the Amazon MP3 Store and iTunes for the songs it IDs for you. If you need to go back and see what a song that you IDed was, the app keeps a history to reference later.

iHeartRadio brings all that Pandora has to offer and more by integrating live radio and pre-made stations. The app lets you access live broadcast stations in over 150 cities. Plus, you can customize stations to your liking by artist, genre, or specific song. iHeartRadio is great for streaming radio stations where you don’t have to pick out anything if you don’t want — just pick a station and go.

TuneIn Radio
Internet radio stations are all the rage these days and TuneIn Radio has one of the widest selections of radio stations that you can tune in to. The TuneIn Radio app lets you take the entire app experience with you on your Android device. The app has a great layout and is very easy to use for anyone looking for a quick way to listen to your favorite music.

Google Play Music
Google has a great service where you can upload all your music to the cloud and stream it anytime, anywhere. This is Google’s official music app to access your music in the cloud. Currently Google Music is free to upload songs to and you can access them anywhere and at anytime with the app or from your browser.

Amazon MP3
This app is Amazon’s official app to access its MP3 library and purchase songs. Amazon has a vast library of music that is filled with tons of music for purchase. Amazon even has some great top tracks that go up for free on a daily basis. With the app you access already purchased music and download it straight to your phone. The Amazon library has millions of songs to pick from, all of which you can download straight to your phone after purchase. The app is well laid out and has a great graphical interface.

Winamp: In the words of Wesley Willis, it “really whips the llama’s a**.” The same great player that’s available for your desktop is available for the mobile Android platform. The great thing about the app is that you can send music from your computer to your phone with the app wirelessly. This is great for wireless music syncing between your computer and phone and keeping all of your music where you want it.

Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler
It’s not often that we’ll feature a paid app — we will only do this if it’s really good. If you’ve got an Android tablet and love making music, check out Electrum Drum Machine. It’s a beat studio in your tablet; use samples and loops to make beats and songs all from the comfort of your tablet. It’s a fun app that I find myself using often when I get bored and need something to pass the time. I’ve lost hours creating beats and songs with this amazing app.

Tune Me
Another app that is worth paying for is Tune Me, which auto corrects your voice like the top pop stars use when singing. The app will take in your voice and correct it to pitch perfect tune. There are many ways to use the app; you can sing directly into the app or even sing with a song from your MP3 library. After you sing the song, it’ll auto tune your voice and give you an MP3 that you can save to your phone and share with your friends. So, if you can sing but not all that well, check out this app to kick it up a notch.

My Piano
I don’t know about you, but when I was little I always loved playing on the piano and bashing my hands down on the keys trying to make music. My Piano gives you a virtual piano to bash your fingers on and attempt to create music. It’s great for tablets and gives you studio quality sound. The app gives you the ability to record directly to your device and even features MIDI commands to keep you on track to making the next hit song. Check out My Piano and try playing a masterpiece on it.

If you think we’ve missed an app, let us know in the comments below!