Whether you’re shopping for groceries or the next technological gadget that you have to have, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 shopping apps that are a must if you’re a frequent shopper or just want to find the best deals. The apps listed below can help you shop in stores and online.

Top 10 Shopping Android AppsRedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner (Free)
This is one of the most popular apps out there for not only scanning barcodes but QR codes, as well. The app can check current prices on any item that you scan in and let you know where to find the best price out there so you don’t overspend for your items. As I mentioned, along with searching barcodes, the application can also read QR codes that may contain text, URLs, or anything else that can be hidden in those barcodes. It’s an all-around great app that should be the essential for any user.

Official eBay Android App (Free)
For the avid eBay shopper with an Android phone, check out the official eBay app for the Android. Search all of the current listings for the auction site and bid from your phone. Anything that you can do on the website has been made mobile and put into a clean-looking app that works well and lets the eBay shopper shop on the go. The app is definitely essential for the eBay shopper on the go.

Top 10 Shopping Android AppsAmazon Mobile (Free)
If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper who lives and breathes the online retailer, check out its app. Not only can you search for products and buy them right from the application, but you can read reviews and even leave your own feedback from the app. With the Amazon app you have access to your existing cart, wish lists, payments, Amazon Prime member shipping options, order history, and 1-Click settings. For the Amazon shopper on the go, nothing beats this official app.

Craigslist Mobile (Free)
For the more adventurous shopper looking for a used item over a new one, Craigslist is the one-stop shop for finding items in your area. Not only can you buy and sell items on Craigslist locally, but you can offer services and post them on local boards in your area. The Craigslist app brings all functionality of the site to your phone, allowing you to view listings and email a seller to inquire about their product or service. With this app you can even post up offerings to the site from your mobile device.

Top 10 Shopping Android AppsGroupon — Daily Deals, Coupons (Free)
Everyone loves discounted items, right? One of the most popular coupon and discount deal makers out there is Groupon with some hot daily deals that almost everyone would love. Groupon has some of the best daily deals out there and its app gives you access to all of the current deals in your area with one simple and easy-to-use interface. With this app, you can buy and redeem deals directly, keep track of all your purchased Groupons by location and expiration date, and save ink and avoid paper cuts by never printing another Groupon again — you can actually use your phone to present it to the retailer or service provider. The layout of the app is simple and offers deals in a simple interface that asks what you are looking to do and has categories of what you might be looking for.

Google Shopper (Free)
Believe it or not, Google’s native shopper app is pretty good and gives some of the most accurate shopping information out there. The app lets you find the best deals when you’re out and about and need to find the lowest prices. There are multiple ways to research your product; you can type in your choice, scan the bar code, or speak directly to the device. Along with that, Google’s Shopper app has the best daily deals all just one tap away from within the app. If you’re a more visual person, the app will even show you a map of where you are and the deals closest to you.

Top 10 Shopping Android AppsOut of Milk Shopping List (Free)
I’ll admit it: I sometimes forget something at the store when I’m out shopping. It’s hard to always remember everything that I need at the store and sometimes it makes me go back to get what I forgot. Your phone is almost always on you, so it’s natural that you use it to take notes. The Out of Milk app is a great shopping list app that lets you make a simple list to remember everything that you need to get at the store. You can add to the list little by little during the week and when it comes time to go out shopping, you have that list right in front of you. Just don’t forget to bring your Android or all hope is lost remembering everything that you need to get.

Out of Milk Pro Unlocker ($4.99)
If you love Out of Milk and you still want more, you can get the pro version for $4.99. This app really isn’t an app — it’s the unlocker to access the pro features of the Out of Milk app. With the pro features you can access the online website and manage everything from the website to sync to your phone. Pro features also include the ability to back up lists, share lists, have real-time syncing, and customize the way the app looks and feels. You can even generate QR codes, get homescreen widgets, and keep track of all of your coupons with the pro features. If any of these features sound amazing to you, consider getting the unlocker to get all of these features for your base app.

Top 10 Shopping Android AppsInventory Droid ($4.99)
If you need to keep track of inventory and don’t want to go through the hassle of buying expensive software and learning how to use it, consider using your Android to keep track of all of that for you. This full-featured app gives you the ability to quickly scan a barcode and retrieve all the information about the product. This app is not locked to your phone; you can both import and export your list to sync with your computer.

Mighty Grocery Shopping List ($3.99)
Last, we have a great-looking shopping list app that has a very intuitive interface that works well and goes into a bit more detail about your shopping list and how much you actually need of an item.You can create multiple lists and even back them up to the cloud with one click. There’s even a Web interface to help sync your data between your computer and your device with one click.

We hope you enjoyed yet another top ten list; if you think we’ve missed something, let us know below!