Social networking is a growing fad throughout the Internet. Whether you joined Facebook or are looking for a push-to-talk application to keep in constant contact with your friends and family, we have the list of apps for you. All of the apps mentioned in this article are free, so download at your leisure and let us know what you think of them. We also know that some of these apps are not supported on all devices, but we’ve picked out the best ones that hit the majority of the Android devices out there.

Top 10 Social Android AppsFacebook (Free)
If you don’t know Facebook, then you haven’t been on the Internet. One of the biggest social networks out there, Facebook allows you to connect with friends and family from all around the world. It’s present on all of the major mobile platforms out there, including Android where you can view the full Facebook website from a mobile application that makes it look better. The mobile application is very nice looking and has a clean, intuitive layout. Since the introduction of the Facebook Timeline layout, the mobile app has followed right behind and gives you the Timeline layout in mobile form.

Twitter (Free)
One of my favorite social networks because it’s so simple to post a quick, 140-character message to the world, Twitter is a close second to Facebook in my book for top social networks. If you’re on Twitter, you must have the mobile app that goes along with it. With a recent update, the mobile layout has been unified throughout the entire mobile app line and even the online interface. With the new design, the Twitter app is clean and streamlined and gives you one tap access to quickly tweet and read your stream.

Top 10 Social Android AppsGoogle+ (Free)
The newest and quickest growing social network out there, Google+ aims to create a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter. Google+ has been commonly compared to Blogger, but with a social twist, you can create these elaborate blog-type posts and have users share and comment on them. With that you can also create conversation threads in the comments of a post without crowding your stream. Google+ is quickly becoming my social network of choice, and its mobile app is nicely created and gives me access to post on the go and have conversations with others while I’m on my Android device. The app can be used to upload photos to posts and share locations on your stream.

TiKL — Touch To Talk (Free)
Writing messages to friends and family is time consuming and, on those small keyboards, you can mess up words and possibly send cryptic messages. If you want to share quick messages with people via your voice, try out TIKL. This application lets you send push-to-talk messages to who you want without taking up precious minutes on your phone and it uses Wi-Fi or 3G to transmit those messages. The application can help you communicate with friends and family in real-time and have those messages automatically transmitted.

Top 10 Social Android AppsHeyTell (Free)
Why SMS when you can push-to-talk? Just like with TiKL, you can have real-time conversations with friends and family, but HeyTell gives you a little more features such as 25-way group conversations. You have the ability to connect your Facebook account and let your Facebook friends see that you have the application and speak with you at any time. HeyTell does have multiple privacy levels to restrict who can contact you and who can see that you’re online. Over all, the app is cleanly laid out and has a nice interface to navigate.

Bump (Free)
If you love sharing files with friends, especially from your mobile device, check out Bump, which allows you to share files from your mobile to another mobile device. Having both iOS and Android versions, you can share between all of these devices that support the Bump software. You can use the application to share contacts, photos, sync devices, and share apps. I’ve used this app many times to share information with friends and potential clients who need my contact info. It’s a great app to have on hand to help share information.

Top 10 Social Android AppsGoogle Voice (Free)
Here’s something for those lazy people who don’t have texting plans, or are limited to so many text messages a month. Google Voice is a free application that lets you text people without using your texting plan and can use 3G and Wi-Fi. The app aims to help save you money by using its service to supplement your outrageous cellular data plans. Google Voice has agreements to allow free calls to the US and Canada. The service is absolutely free with a Web interface and the ability to make calls directly from the app. It uses a special Google Voice phone number rather than your real phone number, so privacy is protected.

GetGlue (Free)
For the avid TV watcher, there’s a social network for you like Foursquare. With GetGlue, you can check in to shows when you watch them and have conversations with people who are also watching the show. The app also gives you stickers as achievements come up — such as during the Super Bowl when you could check in during the event and get an achievement for checking in. What’s great about this app is that, after you earn enough stickers, you can get physical stickers sent to you for free. The app is great for following TV shows and seeing what’s new.

Top 10 Social Android AppsBaconReader for Reddit (Free)
As Reddit puts it, it is the front page of the Internet. This application lets you browse the entire Reddit website from one simple application. The application is very intuitive and gives you access to everything, including your profile. With one tap you have access to all of your favorite Subreddits and can browse them quickly and easily. The app is cleanly laid out and has a nice interface to navigate.

HootSuite (Free)
For the power user out there who posts everywhere and anywhere they can, HootSuite is that one application that brings all of your social networks together into one application. With HootSuite you can manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts. Wherever you are, you can comment on Facebook posts, tweet on Twitter, check in on Foursquare, and upload photos to all of your favorite supported social media services. There’s even a nice Web interface for using it online when you don’t want to use your mobile device.

If you think we missed something, be sure to comment below on what you like and what you don’t like.