We need to stay healthy if we want to live a relatively long and productive life. With the introduction of smartphones, there has been a demand for applications based on anything and everything. One of the major categories is health; everyone wants to stay healthy and apps can help keep track of information and help diagnose problems that you might have with your body. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 health-related Android applications that you should keep handy on your phone.

Top 10 Health Android AppsCalorie Counter — MyFitnessPal (Free)
The one thing about losing weight and staying fit is watching how much you’re taking into your system. You count calories when you want to keep tabs on the relation between what’s going into your body and what’s being burned off during the day’s activities, which should help manage your weight management goals. MyFitnessPal is the best application for counting calories because of the vast array of food in its database with over 1.1 million different food items from which to pick.

Endomondo Sports Tracker (Free)
If you love to run and want to keep track of the details, try out Endomondo. This application saves your GPS data — from your running speed to the tracks that you take. You can share your workouts on Facebook with your friends for added motivation. For even more motivation, the app features audio cues during your workout to keep you going and motivated.

Top 10 Health Android AppsWebMD for Android (Free)
Got that itch that won’t go away? Why go to the doctor to tell you that you simply have a common problem and spend tons of money paying for doctor bills? The top spot for getting medical help on the Internet is WebMD; it has a easily navigable interface to look up problems and even troubleshoot what your problem may be. Any time, day or night, you can use it to look up your symptoms and possible courses of action.

Weight Watchers Mobile (Free)
One of the most popular weight loss programs out there is Weight Watchers. It is an entire program to not only help you lose weight, but keep it off and keep you fit. Anyone who downloads this app has access to meal recipes, shopping lists, cheat sheets for eating, and more. Subscribers to the Weight Watchers program have access to even more features and meal ideas with point trackers. If you’re interested in losing weight, check out this great app.

Top 10 Health Android AppsLose It! (Free)
Yet another weight loss app, this one helps you count your intake of food and keeps a graph to see how well you’re doing. This app has been featured on the major morning shows. If you have a Fitbit or Withings scale, it can connect up with the application and track your information to see how well your cardio and weight plans are going. As you work out and manage your food intake, you can earn badges as symbols of achievement.

Workout Trainer (Free)
For those more focused on working out and not losing weight, take a peek at Workout Trainer. This app is filled with workout suggestions to get you warmed up, and it gets increasingly difficult as you go on. Workout Trainer is focused on getting your body moving; with audio cues motivating and telling you what to do, this app is great for following a workout procedure and keeping to it. The app comes with premade workouts, but you can also customize the workouts to focus on your specific needs.

Top 10 Health Android AppsRunKeeper (Free)
Possibly my favorite app, RunKeeper is great for tracking your runs or walks and giving you statistical GPS data about your runs. RunKeeper provides audio cues, customized interval workouts, manual entry for treadmills and other cardio equipment, and integrated RunKeeper fitness classes to keep you on track. With the GPS data it can provide distance, time, pace, calories burned, heart rate, and path traveled on a map.

Lightning Bug — Sleep Clock (Free)
Commonly overlooked, sleeping is a big part of your health. If you can’t properly sleep, your overall health and mental status doesn’t reset properly. Think of it as recharging batteries. Every night you sleep to recharge your mental batteries; if you don’t, you’ll wear down. For those who may have trouble sleeping, there’s an app to help with that. Most troubles with sleeping can be cured with some sort of white noise or soothing sound being played as you go to sleep. This app does just that; there’s a massive library of over 200 sounds to help you fall asleep when it doesn’t come easily. The app also features an alarm clock and weather information to check when you get up in the morning.

Top 10 Health Android AppsMapMyRUN Run GPS Running Jog (Free)
If you run a lot and need a way of tracking where — and at what pace — you’ve run, the best app for that has to be MapMyRUN. With premade options for losing weight or improving cardio, it can help you find your target spot when running. If you have a phone that supports it, some heart monitors and other cardio monitors can be hooked up to the device and used with the app to track other information. MapMyRUN has a very pleasant layout and is easy to use when setting up for a run.

runtastic PRO ($3.99)
If you want to go the paid route when getting a workout application, the best that I’ve ever used is runtastic. The pro version gives you  live tracking data and voice feedback while you’re running. The application will even motivate you with the sounds of cheering the farther you run. When your run is over, you can get graphing data about your run with information on how well you did.

If you feel we’ve missed something or have a better replacement app for any of the ones listed, let us know!