Weather: It’s rarely as nice as we’d like it to be, and preparing for its fickleness is akin to being able to predict the future. If you have an Android device and you’d like to know what the weather is outside, we’ve put together a list of our top weather related apps so that you may avoid raindrops that might otherwise keep falling on your head.

The Weather Channel (Free)
If you want something more than the default weather app, The Weather Channel is the app for you. The Weather Channel is dedicated to bringing you 24/7 weather information on TV and you can take it with you on the go. I love this application because of all of the information that it provides to you. Besides just giving you detailed information on the weather, it alerts you of severe weather and brings you nearly real-time maps. Along with its usual reports, you can watch weather videos and even eyewitness videos that the app provides. The Weather Channel also forecasts up into the 10-day range, so you can get an idea of what the week ahead has in store for you.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsGO Weather Widget (Free)
For those who don’t have time to open up an application and browse around, there’s the GO Weather Widget. The widget can sit on your home screen and update you with the latest weather information. GO Weather Widget has multiple sizes to accommodate wherever you wish to place it. In the settings area, you can pick multiple settings to select the update frequency and change what is displayed on the widget. It’s perfect for those who are on the go and need the latest weather information on the home page of their smartphones.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsWeatherBug (Free)
Another one of the great weather applications that’s perfect for your phone is WeatherBug. As always, weather widgets have their own unique features. WeatherBug is the best for getting accurate, descriptive information for the day ahead. With this application, you can see live weather cameras around your city to see what’s coming your way. There’s also a nice live weather map that is animated to see the projected weather path of what’s coming. The application is great when you want to get information for your day.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsAccuWeather for Android (Free)
By far one of the cleanest looking apps out there, AccuWeather for Android is great if you’ve got an eye for design. Its simple user interface is easy on the eyes and uses color codes that are easy to understand. The layout is also easily manageable. As with the other applications, you can view moving maps. If you don’t know your exact location, the application can detect your location and give you the most relevant information about the weather from the station closest to you. What really makes this app great is the lifestyle view; it lets you make informed decisions about your day and what will be happening throughout.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsRadar Now! (Free)
For the more visually inclined person, there’s Radar Now, a looping radar map for seeing the weather in your area. The animated radar image is updated from the National Weather Service and NOAA. This app is great for those weather junkies out there who want to see weather systems moving their way and see their projected paths of destruction. Along with the animated weather map, you can view the weather in that area from the stations and see information like the temperature, conditions, and other weather related data. The app works great and is intuitive for anyone who wants to research the weather.

Top 10 Weather Android Apps3D Digital Weather Clock (Free)
If you’re entirely too busy to open up an application to view the weather, try a widget. The 3D Digital Weather Clock is a widget that lives on your screen to report weather information in a virtual, 3D environment. The widget displays information such as the conditions outside, temperature, location, date, and time. The widget has three hidden hotspots to access information such as configuration, system info, and forecast. For the person on the go, a widget like this is perfect for those who need quick access to the conditions outside.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsWeather Underground (Free)
I call this a hidden gem. Weather Underground is the Internet’s favorite weather site. Its network of over 22,000 local weather stations helps give the most accurate data on weather locally. Along with local forecast predictions, the application provides live updating maps to see what is coming your way before the stations report it. This application presents the most amount of data to you including temperature, ‘feels like’ temperatures, wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, visibility, pressure, gusts, and severe weather information. Over all, this app is great for looking up detailed weather information and it provides the best predictions anywhere.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsYahoo! Weather (Free)
Yahoo!’s Weather application reports the weather and provides Flickr images according to current conditions representative of what the weather is like outside. All weather data from the application is provided by The Weather Channel, but the information is presented in its own unique interface. This application also comes with a weather widget so that you can see the information via your home screen. You can even tweet, update your Facebook status, or email the weather information with the Yahoo! Weather app.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsSimple Weather Alert (Free)
If you live in an area that is constantly pounded by severe weather, this is the app for you. Get the latest and most up-to-date information from the National Weather Service (NWS). The application can warn you if an alert is detected in your area and it will notify you if severe weather is heading your way.

This app is meant to warn you when the NWS puts out an alert, but always take the precautions when dealing with severe weather.

Top 10 Weather Android AppsWeatherBug Elite ($1.99)
For those who hate free anything, there’s WeatherBug Elite. This paid app from WeatherBug removes all the ads and gives you more features to play around with. The application features advanced maps for seeing the weather, a summary page for the weather, widgets for the home screen, and more. The application, over all, is easy to navigate and a pleasure to use.

If you have any other apps that you think we should include, put them in the comments below!