I thought that it might be a good idea to tackle this topic since it certainly seems like there are many of you who have forgotten some of Facebook’s functions. This article doesn’t really have a complete or well-formed story behind it, but the basic gist is that my mother was complaining about people frequently asking her how to perform these functions and she’s not the sort to type back the words “Google it.” However, I do hope that you can gain some information out of this article even if it’s to tell me that I’ve missed out on others that you may think are more important.

I probably should make it perfectly clear that these are requests from other Facebook users that my mother has received on how to perform certain functions. I thought it might make a good LockerGnome article so that, if nothing else, my mother could give others a link to follow so that they might learn something.

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

The act of unfriending someone is a simple one. Search for the name of the person you’d like to unfriend in the top Search barnot to be confused with the Status Update text box — then click on their name. Once you are on their timeline or older style profile page, click on the Friends button, and then select Unfriend from the dropdown menu. The final step is to click Remove from Friends. The slightly shorter method would be to click on their name from your friend feed, and then continuing through and clicking on the Friends button.

Five Frequently Forgotten Facebook Functions

How to Stop Someone You Don’t Know from Sending You Friend Requests on Facebook

This is a function that not many people want to deal with, so it is understandable why it has made this list. Simply click the Gear button — beside the Friends and Message buttons — then select Report/Block from the dropdown menu. The final step is to click on the Radio button that says Block name, then click the Continue button. If you want to block someone who won’t stop arguing with you on a fan page, then click the x in the top right corner of their message and then on the word Block. Clicking Confirm in the notification box that pops up will block that person.

Five Frequently Forgotten Facebook Functions

How to Stop People from Getting Your Phone Number from Facebook

This is completely possible if you haven’t managed your privacy settings. If you are using timeline, then click on the Update Info button. This will take you to your About page; scroll down to your Contact Info on the right hand side of this page and click Edit. Once inside Edit, go to all of the contact information that you want to be kept secure and click the button to the right of this information and choose Friends or Only Me instead of Public. If you have a profile that is not using timeline, then you can find the information in your Info tab.

Five Frequently Forgotten Facebook Functions

How to Turn off Email Notifications on Facebook

If Facebook’s email notifications are annoying you, then you can turn them off. Go to the top right of Facebook and click on the arrow that is pointing downwards — it’s the button to the right beside Home — from here, select Account Settings. This will bring up a new page and on the left of this, select the Notifications tab. Once on this page, you can scroll down to the section divider says All Notifications. Click on the Edit button to the right of each section — like Facebook, Groups, and Events — and take a check out of the boxes from which you do not want emails.

Five Frequently Forgotten Facebook Functions

How to Turn off the Subscribers Option on Facebook

What’s the difference between Friends and Subscribers? The simplest and quickest way to explain this is that Friends have asked your permission to see your updates and to be a part of your life on Facebook, and Subscribers have not. The Subscribers function is Facebook’s version of “following,” like you can do on Twitter. However, you can turn off this feature. Go to the top right of Facebook, click on the white arrow (to the right of the Home button) and again select Account Settings. This time we are going to select the Subscribers tab (which is below the Notifications tab) and, if you have a check in the checkbox, then take that check out.

Five Frequently Forgotten Facebook Functions

These are five of the main questions that my mother gets asked frequently enough to not need my help in solving. However, just like everyone else, she finds that these questions can get tiresome and that is how this article came into being. I hope you guys — and girls — haven’t found this article to be patronising and that it may perhaps be of some use to you (or someone you know). My only question is: Do you have any further functions to add?