Haley Barker of the University of Northern Iowa Tech Writers writes:

Zombies. A word that brings terror to the minds of many and laughter to the skeptics. The idea of zombies has become a cultural trend that, whether you’re a believer or not, you cannot escape the question, what if? But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, a zombie apocalypse isn’t possible, right?

Well, to all you skeptics, read closely. The zombie apocalypse is more of a possibility than you thought it could be. Here are some scientific explanations for how the zombie apocalypse could become a reality.

Brain Parasites: Toxoplasmosa gondii is one parasite you want to avoid. It forces you to lose your self-preservation and rational thought. The parasite infects rats, but can only breed in a cat’s intestines. Being the very developed parasite it is, it knows it must get inside the cat, so it takes over the rat’s brain and essentially makes the rat suicidal. The rat finds a cat and the rest is history.

What does this have to do with humans? Did you know that toxoplasmosa has infected around half the human population without them knowing it? Not only have the people been infected, but research shows that the infected have had changes in their personality and a higher chance of going crazy.

Zombie Apocalypse: Should You Be Concerned?Neurotoxin: A certain kind of poison that has the ability to slow down bodily functions so much so that its victim can be considered dead. Victims of this toxin can be brought back from this deathlike state with another drug called Datura stramonium, however, this drug will leave the revived subject in a sort of trance without any memory.

Can this create zombies? Here is a story for you that shows this is more than just a possibility. Allegedly, Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian man declared dead and buried in 1962. 18 years later, Narcisse was found roaming around the village. The Voodoo priests had used chemicals to zombify people and then put them to work on sugar plantations. However, this doesn’t mean that the process would turn its victims into flesh-eating monsters. (We hope!)

Neurogenesis: This is the process by which scientists can re-grow dead brain tissue. It used to be that when someone’s brain ceased to function, they were considered dead. Now, with all of our scientific abilities, scientists are able to re-grow the brains of head trauma patients until they are capable of functioning again. However, by re-growing the brain, you are leaving the person with no thoughts or personality — just basic instincts and impulses.

So now that you know the zombie apocalypse is very possible, you need to prepare yourself. I suggest you read up on zombie survival guides or even participate in the Run For Your Lives 5K zombie-infested obstacle course. It is offered in five different cities, so you might have to travel to get there — but it will be worth it.

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