The Reason So Many People Don't Like Their ComputersWith my background, I have a lot of people come to me to ask questions about their computers, websites, electronics, and technology in general.

Lots of people have come to me saying, “Mark, I just spent $2,000 on my computer, and I really don’t like it. Is there something I’m doing wrong with it? Am I missing something?”

My immediate response is always, “Well, did you go test a computer similar to the one you have at Best Buy or some other store?”

And almost always, they say, “No. Was I supposed to?”

“Yes!” I always respond. “If you didn’t go test a computer, and you ordered the computer online, then what made you want to get the one you got?”

“Well,” they answer, “I went online to each computer manufacturer’s site. I found a couple that looked good and were in my price range, and then I went and read lots of articles and reviews, and watched lots of reviews about each one that I liked. And then, from there, I decided which one was best.”

At this point, I’m about to pull my hair out listening to the person tell me this. I say “What? Are you serious? Why would you do that?”

“Well,” they answer “the guy at the computer store told me that if I really wanted to get a feel about what computer would be better for me, then I should go online and read some reviews and watch some videos.”

I’m not telling this story simply to bore you (even though it may have); the point here is that many people buy computers based on weak sources, like the Internet. Because no matter how many reviews you read, how many reviews you watch on YouTube, no matter how familiar you are with that computer because of all the videos you’ve watched about it, that’s still not that same as actually touching the computer and getting a feel for what it’s really like. And yes, I am saying that the geek at the computer store doesn’t always know what he’s talking about.

Way too many people make this simple but tragic mistake. And yes, a Dell Inspiron and an HP TouchSmart are somewhat similar if they’re both running the same operating system. But each computer has a different feel to it that you may or may not like.

For example, an HP laptop and a Dell laptop may have trackpads that feel different, keyboards that feel different, and screen hinges that are different. All of these things feel different, so therefore you’ll probably like the feeling of one keyboard more than the other, etc.

And if you make the mistake of just reading reviews and watching videos and basing your choice off that, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a computer that you don’t like. And if this happens, then you just wasted a bunch of money on a computer that you don’t even like.

So essentially, the reason many people don’t like the computer they have is because they made this mistake. They thought they knew exactly what the computer was like, and they thought they liked it in the videos, but when they got it and started to use it, they realized that it wasn’t what they wanted.

So, to end this article, I just want to go over the lesson here: When you’re buying a computer, go to the store and test it out before you order it.

What are your tips for buying a new computer? We’d love to hear them!

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