Hydration is key. This is the lesson I learned during the past week while doing filming in Las Vegas, NV. This hot, dry place has a way of sneaking up on you as you don’t feel as though you’re perspiring or otherwise becoming dehydrated until it’s too late.

During the week, I walked three or four times as much as I have since beginning the OSWL. This due in part to the fact that I was walking from one end of a convention hall to the other again and again to film interviews with some of the smartest people in the technology world. This meant walking between 8-10 miles per day carrying cameras, tripods, monopods, and occasionally my laptop.

During the first two days, I dropped a considerable amount of weight. Over four pounds to be exact. I was thrilled. Finally, the diet had kicked into high gear and I was losing weight quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Little did I realize at the time, this weight was mostly lost due to perspiration, which I didn’t notice because of the dry, arid conditions of Las Vegas. Towards the end of the week, I began drinking a lot of water and the amount of walking I had to do relaxed, allowing me to regain much of the weight I thought I had lost throughout the week. In the end, I lost one pound, but I did enjoy some of the biggest and most delicious meals in years.

Week 5 Report
Start — 289.9
Middle — 285.1
End — 289.0
Total Weight Lost (Full Program) — 6.8 Pounds

Small Steps Make Larger Steps Easier

If I hadn’t been training during the past month, the Las Vegas trip may not have been as fun or pleasurable as it was. My feet may have been killing me after standing in front of a camera or walking all day, but I discovered that I actually can manage almost 20k steps per day if I really need to. This is something I would have considered almost impossible just one month ago as attempting 5,000 steps was a struggle.

The numbers above don’t show a tremendous amount of weight loss over the past five weeks when compared to some others following the same regimen. I’m actually not terribly disappointed in that. I’ve lost inches off my waist as evidenced by my belt notches, and I feel more comfortable in my own skin. The muscle I’ve gained in my legs only helps me to burn calories as I continue the program.

Bottom line: Even if you start doing something as simple as walking around the block, you’re preparing your body for much more down the line. I’ve noticed an incredible transformation in my energy levels and general feeling. My back, which used to hurt every time I went to the store, hasn’t bothered me more than one day in the past few weeks. My knees used to bug me constantly, and I haven’t had issues with them either.

Meet People Going Through the Journey

I can’t express just how much knowing folks like Troy Rutter has meant to me so far. Every few days, I get an email from him or other people following OSWL with their own personal stories, congratulations as they check out my FitBit progress, or simply to connect and let me know how they’re doing. This means the world to me, and I hope together we can accomplish our goals. That’s the main reason for OSWL, and I can’t wait to see what the end of the year looks like.

Question of the Week

Do you find weight loss to be easier when you’re going through the process with someone? Does that person have to be physically present, or is simply having that occasional conversation motivation enough to keep you going?

You can answer this question, check out what the community is saying, and post questions of your own over at LockerGnome.net.

Final Thoughts

While I am just a bit disappointed at what looks on paper to be a somewhat slow week in terms of weight loss progress, I’m actually quite thrilled that I was able to prove (if even only to myself) that I’m capable of doing a lot more than my current goal has me doing. I’m able to walk almost ten miles in a single day. That’s not something I could have said five weeks ago, and it’s certainly more encouraging to me than seeing a lower number on the scale.

This week, I’m taking it easy for a few days to recover a bit from the week prior. My diet is going to shift downward a bit, and I’m going to concentrate more on hydration than anything else. Drinking a lot of water (or tea) can help you feel less hungry, which can curb overeating. This is advice I’ve received from the community, and I intend to take it to heart (especially after last week).


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