My last post like this seemed to go down well, so I decided to do another one. This time I’m going to share some reasons why I will not be purchasing a Microsoft Surface. If you watched through the whole of the Geek Out live announcement, you’ll know that, during the event when the live blogs started talking about the Windows 8 Professional version with the Intel core i5 and Ryan and I were commenting, I said, “I want one.”

That was — I’m semi-ashamed to say — an off-the-cuff, heat-of-the-moment comment and, after Ryan, Chris, and I started talking about it, the more and more I realized that I had been a little hasty based on initial, half-baked impressions, and that I probably don’t really want one after all. Sure, I wouldn’t turn one down if Microsoft wanted to send me a demo unit to make me change my mind (hint, hint, Microsoft!), however, as it stands, here are my five reasons why I won’t get a Microsoft Surface — at least not based on anything we know currently.

No Price

This has been spoken about ad nauseam on LockerGnome and I tend to agree with most statements. I won’t be getting one because I don’t know how much it will cost and I won’t save for one, either, because of the reasons below.

No Specifications

As much as the specifications may mean nothing to how the device will function, it does have a bearing on how well we will perceive the device to work and how powerful the device will or should be. It’s the same with cars. If you were given the choice between two 60 MPG vehicles — one with, for argument’s sake, 722 horsepower and the other with an unknown amount of horsepower — I’d take the one with the known quantity of horses under the hood. That is just me, however. You may be different.

Seems Like All Show, No Go

As much as it was only a beta — or at least I hope it was a beta — when we saw it, it seems like Microsoft has put a lot of show into the looks of the device, but the software can’t cope. This was with the Windows 8 RT version, which is the only version that I’d consider getting if any of these five reasons for not getting a Microsoft Surface are reversed by showtime. However, if it can’t cope with basic tasks, then it will be of no use to me. I am a desktop user and love the power of a desktop even though I know that being more mobile is the route that the industry is going. I just think that the device looks nice, but the keynote made me think that the Surface will underperform.

I Own an iPad; Why Would I Need a Second Tablet?

Okay, I can’t install Windows 8 onto my iPad properly, but my iPad allows me to do everything that I’ve asked of it and I just can’t see past that fact. I am more than happy to be proven wrong on all of these points, but with fact and not with opinion. These are, after all is said and done, my opinions on why I won’t be buying a Microsoft Surface. You may agree or you may disagree, but one thing is for sure: you won’t likely change my mind with facts that I already know, but you definitely won’t change my mind with opinions!

Too Many Technical Unknowns

I want to know what is in my device. Intel Core i5 is nice, but is it the low or top end Core i5? What RAM is in it? What size is the camera? What type of RAM is in it: DDR2 or 3? The ARM chip by Nvidia is nice, but what’s the clock speed? There are so many other things that Microsoft hasn’t told us. I would be happier if I knew all of the technical specifications.

We’ve also not been told battery life or how the device will be charged. I have a feeling it’s because it is under six to eight hours. I hope that my fears aren’t realized.

Five Reasons Why I Won't Get a Microsoft Surface

To Conclude

I know that I’ve probably branded myself as an “Apple fanboy” by many of you who are — quite frankly — silly enough to think that bullying (which is what you’re trying to do by definition) is right and that I’ll care where you pigeonhole me. I am an equal opportunity geek. I am biased. We all are. But I give everything an equal opportunity to impress me. I don’t think that Microsoft will impress me when the Surface comes to market, but I am more than prepared for it to impress me. I hope this device is good and that it sells and that I am completely wrong. However, I doubt that I will be wrong.

What are your thoughts on the Surface? Do you like it, dislike it, or are you reserving judgment until the production model is on the market?