Everybody takes pleasure in listening to music. Many people take pleasure in the ability to compose and play it. Unfortunately, learning how to master an instrument can be a long, tiring, and complicated process. So many people want to sit down at a piano and instantly begin to write a masterpiece or play along to their favorite songs without going through the long, trying process of acquiring the necessary skill. Equally, many of these people feel they have no musical talent, and are totally lost in the number of keys or the variations of finger formations.

Now, whether you’re rhythmically challenged or a bona fide music professional, you’re sure to have fun with Isle of Tune. This free music sequencer takes the unique twist in basing the process of creating tunes around laying roads, adding houses, and decorating neighborhoods with trees, plants, street lamps, and more. When you create a new game on the website, you are given a completely blank, green island surrounded by crystal blue waters. Using the tools provided, you design a road layout, along with its direction, and place it onto the island. In this way, Isle of Tune is quite similar to The Sims — you control every aspect of how the environment is shaped. Simply click on what you want to add, drag it, and drop it onto any spot on the island.

Isle of Tune: Construct Music in a Virtual Neighborhood Sequencer

Each object represents a different tone. For example, depending on the color of the houses you build next to your road, you can create a variety of different sounds. Dark orange houses represent a squidgy window wiper, light orange houses represent a drinking can being opened, and green houses represent a dog barking. There are so many different combinations and fun, novelty sounds that you can use, while the various colored plant pots will play the traditional MIDI-style piano notes. Street lamps tie it all together by giving your composition a funky beat. Depending on the order in which you have lain out your objects, and the route that your road takes, a car will follow the direction of the road and, as it passes each item, trigger that sound to play. The car represents where in your composition you are and the application provides an immensely fun way of visualizing music. More than one neighborhood can be created on your island, meaning that one car can be keeping the beat and rhythm of your tune while the other plays the melody. The interface is very easy to grasp, extremely clean and, with its bright colors, is very inviting (and somewhat addicting).

The site has a whole host of features, including the option to integrate pre-made loops, a demonstration island to show you how it’s done, a keyboard option for the musically minded to recreate or make a song with a piano-style layout, the ability to save and share your songs with others, and the chance to rate other people’s compositions, too. There’s no real reason for its existence, other than to allow people to have great fun in making their music, try to reproduce famous songs, and impress friends with a very novel way of enjoying and creating tunes. You can now use Isle of Tune on Apple mobile products like the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with its app (currently selling for $2.99 at the App Store).

With a bit of thought, it’s quite amazing how complex and detailed your songs can become (some people with a lot of time on their hands have managed to compose perfect renditions of I Got A Feeling, Beat It, Don’t Stop Believing, and even the Bed Intruder Song). Chopin, eat your heart out.

Have you given Isle of Tune a try? Did you find it interesting and fun? Have you created any compositions? Let us hear them and tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!