MightyText: Send Text from Your PC Through Your Android PhoneWith the number of Android applications increasing daily, it is sometimes difficult to find one that actually does what the developers says it will. In this case, MightyText has a huge advantage over its competition. The developers are ex-Googlers who originally started the project to compliment Gmail and the Chrome browser. Since the early beta days, the project has changed, as did the name from Texty to MightyText, and now we have a full-feature application.

What makes this application so good?

  • It is free.
  • There are no nag screens begging the user to upgrade.
  • There are no annoying advertisements.
  • The application does not have to be installed on the receiver’s end to work.

With these benefits in mind, I downloaded and installed MightyText on my Android phone and also my Windows 7 PC running the latest Chrome browser. Setup was a snap and I had no issues with either install on my Android phone (Gingerbread 2.3) nor my computer using the Chrome browser extension.

Some of the benefits I immediately noticed were:

  • I didn’t need my phone glued to my hip.
  • My phone could be in another room and I still had access to my texts.
  • My phone could be charging and I could still send and receive texts.
  • Even if I forgot my phone in my car, texts were still accessible from my computer.

There is another advantage in using MightyText and that is you can keep a record of all of your texts and responses. This is problematic on some smartphones when one runs out of memory and needs to clean up the texts. With MightyText, all of your sent and received texts are easily located and are categorized by sender’s name.

MightyText: Send Text from Your PC Through Your Android Phone

What also makes MightyText a must-have application is that it is sort of like a remote control tool to your Android phone. You can send and receive test messages from your computer and the person you are texting will have no idea it is not from your Android phone.

What about those who are using an Apple iPad? No problem, since MightyText has a Web application that currently works with Safari. The only downside of this Web application is that notifications are not currently supported, however, the folks at MightyText say they are working on this and promise notifications to one day be supported by the popular Apple browser. I was able to set up my account using my wife’s Apple iPad without any issues so it does, in fact, work.

I tried the Web application using Dolphin HD on my Amazon Kindle Fire and it also worked perfectly. I can now send and receive text messages on my Fire. Nice touch, MightyText. On its website (linked below), there’s a list of devices and browsers that will also function using MightyText. The developers also state that there is an application being written for the Opera browser.

For those of us who spend a great deal of time on our PCs, MightyText is a boon.

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