Print is Dead -- Long Live the WebLast week something happened in the journalistic community that basically went unnoticed by anyone with Internet access. While the Nexus 7 was making news, rumors were swirling about an Apple iPad mini, and Amazon said it would be coming out with a full-sized tablet, no one seemed to notice or care about one lady who made a job-hopping decision.

Her name is Kimberly Kelleher, and she has been called a superstar of the print industry. In 2011, she received the Ad Ages Magazine Publisher of the Year award. Her credits include a stint at Time, Inc., in which she was promoted to worldwide publisher of Time. She brought Time magazine into the digital age and was credited with bringing big advertisers to the magazine and bolstering the reputation of the company.

So why did the queen of publishing head for the magazine exit and become a tool for bloggers? The answer to that question is best described as her ambition to take a mediocre company and make it a stellar company. SAY media is such a company that is looking for a spark — a spark that will ignite the company from the current 400 employees and $100 million in revenues into a blogging machine that would make Rupert Murdoch at News Corp. envious.

SAY media now consists of two dozen or so blogging outlets that cover everything from technology to food, fashion, and lifestyles. But what makes blogs so different from print is the interaction that takes place between bloggers and readers.

How Good is This Interaction Between Bloggers and Readers?

We here at LockerGnome strive to answer and respond to all of the comments that are made and to share our expertise. What always amazes me is how much I learn in this exchange of information, thoughts, and experiences that readers share with us. With print, user comments sent by email are not printed nor read for a week or up to a month later. By the time one reads the printed comments, the subject matter has lost the readership’s interest.

Blogging also offers opinions on products, the latest and greatest operating systems, and what new ideas are coming from the technology industry. As an example, during the past three weeks, we have all read the articles written about Google’s first tablet computer, the Nexus 7. This pint sized 7″ tablet has received rave reviews and one could speculate that Google has built a winning product. As with the Apple iPad, these stimulating writings and accolades help consumers make an intelligent decision when buying a product.

Is Everything Perfect in Blogging Land?

Of course not, but neither is the world of print. There are some bloggers who fudge the truth and try to make a story where no story exists. However, their intentions may be more to entertain than properly inform. What comes to mind are all of the rumors circulating in reference to a possible iPad mini tablet, new designs for a future Kindle Fire, and, of course, the very popular iPhone and its next future model.

Having someone like Kimberly Kelleher come to the blogging community adds a bit of style and panache to the blogging trade. But more than that, she adds what some of us already knew, and that is: The future is blogging, not print. Today, as I glanced through my printed copy of Time magazine, my first thoughts turned to my tablet computer. I looked at the printed magazine, wondering to myself how much longer print will be around. How much longer will it be until all of our information will be gleaned digitally and not with ink and paper?

Most of us who are computer geeks have already stopped consuming print media and now depend solely on the Internet for our daily consumption of information. The variety of information being dispensed from millions of websites can be overwhelming. But for the technology crowd, we here at LockerGnome sincerely hope that we are providing you with a valuable service. We also hope that the technology information that we are providing will be considered, by you who read this, as our honest opinions backed up with the facts as we deduce them and presented in a concise package. This package includes not only our blogs, but video presentations and, we hope, useful advertising that keeps the lights on.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by Sigfrid Lundberg

Source: Ad Ages Media News

Source: Denver Post