iPad Case Review: BookBookTechnology, technology: it is all around us and, with the exception of the technically challenged who continue to cling to their paper and pencils, it looks like the tablet computer has achieved its goal. In fact, the tablet’s accomplishments were best demonstrated about a week ago at a meeting I was attending where I witnessed young and old alike pull out their tablets to follow the speaker and take notes. However, I wasn’t surprised to observe that, other than my Amazon Kindle Fire, the majority of attendees were using the Apple iPad (including the new iPad, also known unofficially as the iPad 3). I could also have brought my iPad, but I beat to my own drummer. With that being said, I plan to continue doing my own thing and intend to bring my Google Nexus 7 to our next meeting since I have gifted my Fire to my grandson.

But I digress, so back to my meeting. As I observed the many different people and their venues of choice, I noticed one of the gentlemen had an unusual case for their tablet. At first, I thought that the case was a thin book and wondered why the man had brought it into the room. Then I realized that, housed inside of what appeared to be a fine, leather-bound book, was hidden a new iPad. When asked about it, the proud owner of the case and iPad demonstrated how the unit could be unfolded to create a stand-like structure and then be adjusted to maximize the user’s comfort by creating the perfect reading angle. I then watched, with my technology eyeballs glued to the case, as he proceeded to take notes of the meeting. Of course, this increased my inner geek curiosity, so upon the conclusion of the meeting, I went to take a good look at the iPad case.

By the picture above, you can see that the case itself gives the appearance of being an embossed, fine, leather-clad book. In fact, I found it such an attractive piece that I could easily see how one could use it as an accent piece for their living room. However, the real advantage is that, due to its appearance, you could have it go unnoticed by passersby if you were to leave your iPad on the seat of your car or in other public areas.

So, as you can tell, I was impressed with the exterior of the case, but I was pleased to note that the interior of the case was also elegantly constructed as well as designed specifically to protect both sides of a precious electronic gadget. The faultless detail began with the lining, which was created from an almost velvet-like suede fabric that guaranteed that an iPad would be protected from scratches and dings while inside the case. This detail was followed to the inclusion of a two-way zipper design that allowed the user to access the unit from either side of the case.

When I got home, I took a look at the company’s website, Twelve South, and learned some other interesting facts about this elegant case. First, I checked out the cost of the case, which is $80 per unit. For those of you who follow my articles, you are already aware that I hate to spend more than I absolutely have to for my technology needs, so when I tell you that I don’t think that $80 is unreasonable, you will probably want to know what makes this case worth the cost. I believe it is the quality of the case itself. The leather alone, with it buttery texture and the rich embossing make it something special. Then, given the fact that you paid between $500 to $830 for a new iPad model, the sense of security that the case affords — at a mere $80 — doesn’t seem quite so steep.

Summarizing, the biggest benefits I see for these BookBook cases are:

  • their quality construction and materials, which include a hardbound outer cover with an inner lining of suede that should protect your investment from the bumps and bruises of everyday life.
  • their built-in typing stands that allow you to adjust your iPad to your preferred reading position.
  • their appearance of fine quality books that provide a measure of security since they can’t be readily identified as iPad cases.

But let’s be honest: cases are cases. They are all designed to protect our precious electronics from dust, dirt, bumps, and bruises. So why do we care about this particular case?

That question is easy, especially if you like quality items and/or appreciate things that have an antique flair to them. If so, this is where the BookBook really shines because it takes an already great-looking tablet and adds a retro look — or, to be more accurate, an antique look. The BookBook is one of the first protective covers I have seen that actually adds value to the electronics it houses.

So who is this case designed for? I believe it is the perfect case for the Apple aficionado who appreciates fine leather, fine craftsmanship, and a unique look while providing the maximum protection for their beloved iPad.

Comments welcome.

Source: BookBook