Teachers Get Help with Lesson Planning from LearnBoostEducation and technology have always had an interesting relationship. School district representatives want their students to develop good technology skills, but even with the abundance of educational technology tools that are on the market, it seems like there’s a disconnect between wanting the advancement to happen and making it happen. Maybe it’s due to budget constraints (where desperately creative accounting might consider tables and chairs “technology”), or maybe it’s due to the educators themselves not being up to snuff on the quick pace of technology’s development sufficiently to supply the demand for knowledge. Certain schools do make good use of the teaching tools available to them, but others are still stuck in DOS. Even the savviest teachers have to fight hard to get the latest technology tools in their classrooms for their students, but in the meantime they can make use of LearnBoost on their end to help with the formidable task before them.

LearnBoost is a free, online service for teachers and it’s designed to help them with management of their classroom and even their curriculum. Not only is a comprehensive gradebook feature included, but teachers can also use LearnBoost to track attendance, create lesson plans, and manage schedules and calendars. Teachers have a lot to deal with, and some would say it’s a thankless task with minimal rewards, so at least LearnBoost is there for them whenever they need it. Maybe it will help them to forget about the fact that they and their students are still being forced to use Windows 95.

That is, if their decades-old computers can even run Windows 95. They might be counted among the lucky when you get down to district comparisons. I have a friend whose high school was barely able to afford Speak & Spells when a funding referendum fell through, so count your blessings wherever you can find ’em! LearnBoost seems to be one of those blessings.